AJ & McCall 07/11/18

Everyone was afraid of needles as kid right? Maybe even still to this day? But I bet you never thought the solution would be to swallow a needle. There’s a pill designed for just that and AJ & McCall say hard pass. In fact they’re going to list things they’d rather swallow than a needle. AJ & McCall already talked about the Kool-Aid house, but what were the things that you saw as a kid and thought ‘they are rich.’? Whether it’s car stuff or cooking fiascoes, AJ & McCall, don’t we all have some simple things we don’t know how to do? AJ & McCall have a whole bunch to share for the Debate At 8, but what are the simple or silly things you don’t know how to do? It’s free slurpee day! What’s the best frozen treat?