AJ & McCall 07/10/18

Humans are inquisitive and want to learn but that doesn’t mean all studies are necessary. There’s another duh study when it comes to speedos so AJ & McCall are gonna play VFX Speed Round to come up with more certain studies. From banana hammocks to banana fruits because you can write on them and make it look like a ghost! What message would you write on your bananas for pranks? Yesterday’s Debate At 8 was about ex’s not allowing you to do certain things and today it’s about helping out ‘Jessica’ because her friend is in love with a guy that has a list of people she can’t text, email or take pictures with. What’s the line between transparency in a relationship and controlling? AJ’s parents visited yesterday and he didn’t have all the answers to their questions. What are the weird quirks you have to explain about Logan to visitors?