AJ & McCall 07/02/18

It’s officially July! What are your firework etiquette rules? And we promise AJ & McCall aren’t super old just because they think there should be some more leeway on the weekend because they get up early. Also, what weekend is 4th of July weekend? It falls on a Wednesday that leaves us confused. Did we pass the holiday weekend or is it coming up still? For the holidays you will be probably seeing family and maybe taking some photos? So if you’re dressing up and wearing one of those button shirts, which way do you button? Do you to top down or bottom up? And there actually are button down and button up shirts, they’re different which is news to AJ, but all that goes out the window for the Debate At 8. AJ & McCall are giving away doughnuts for VFX Go Nuts For Doughnuts AND finding out who lost iPod Idol and is taking a dip at First Dam.