AJ & McCall 06/29/18

Today it’s Intern Regan’s last day, but we’ll try and power through with some fun even though AJ & McCall will be super sad. Facebook is working on a feature that allows you to mute certain words so you don’t have to see those stories anymore. What words would you mute? Have you ever heard the term ‘Kool-Aid house?’ It is the cool house that everyone wanted to hang at. What makes a house the cool one? It’s the 11th anniversary of the iPhone going on sale and so today we will take a stroll down memory lane. Get in a time machine for the Debate At 8 and tell us what you remember most from a time before smart phones. The loser of iPod Idol will be taking a midnight dip in First Dam, but how do AJ & McCall have to sing Maroon 5 and Cardi B ‘Girls Like You’ from our stylistic box?