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AJ & McCall 06/28/18

There’s a lot of talk about being kicked out of places going on right now, so where have you been booted from? Mitch is in with AJ & McCall for his last day and one of the three of them has a guilty story. Since Mitch is leaving we need to go over the VFX ‘Unwritten Rules’ to make sure we send him in to the real world prepared. What are the ‘Unwritten Rules’ in your life? A story featured on Florida Or Not was a drunk driver blaming his dog as the reason his car was swerving. It’s McCall’s Debate At 8 because apparently she blames her dogs for a lot of things. AJ and Mitch don’t have dogs but have pet blaming stories too. It’s Mitch’s last day so what are your favorite memories of his time on the show and podcasts? Send him some well wishes also.