AJ & McCall 06/27/18

Summer is the season of a new wardrobe, and fireworks which we will get to later, but that doesn’t mean they’re always the most appropriate clothes. Yard work, camping, all that means some comfy clothes that have maybe seen better days. Do you have any clothes that were banned by a significant other? Yesterday it was an eight week paid vacation but today it’s a separate vacation. Would you take a separate vacation from your significant other? Summer is also the season of fireworks, please be careful, but accidents happen. With yard work, house work things happen so what is your silly accident? Do not do as AJ & McCall have with fireworks. Consider it a PSA Debate At 8. And despite all the talks of fireworks it’s actually a water bottle that can start your car on fire. Check out the video and rat out those that have the super messy cars.