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AJ & McCall 06/25/18

Over the weekend Millennial Classic Rock was trending and it was too fun not to share. Take a Classic Rock song and change it, like ‘We Are the Champions’ becomes ‘We Are All the Champions.’ McCall had some crazy dreams over the weekend, though actually not that scary, and our friend Geoff had a kid stand outside his house for over two hours. What would you have done and do you have any stranger danger stories? Jurassic World had a huge opening weekend and continued Chris Pratt’s success, but would you watch his movies for the rest of your life? AJ & McCall have a simple but tough Debate At 8. You can only pick one actor or actress’ movies to watch the rest of your life, who do you pick? Event Lead of Cache County Relay for Life Stacey Hansen is in to announce the loser of iPod Idol that will be leading the wake up lap at their awesome event this weekend.