AJ & McCall 05/17/18

Has anyone else seen the story of the guy that hit the lottery and then dumped a butt load of manure on his boss’s yard? Unfortunately it’s a fake story, but that’s not stopping AJ & McCall from giving out more metaphorical money. If you hit it rich what petty thing would you do? A couple of days ago we asked when you shower, day or night, so the next logical step is in what order do you get dressed? Is it shirt or pants first? In honor of the dog that was a bear story, what is something obvious that it took you awhile to realize? What was that glass shattering moment, and misheard lyrics totally count too. For AJ it’s a T-Pain song and for McCall it’s baby horses on the Debate At 8. AJ’s softball team may be getting shirts and so they totally need a kick butt team name. Give us your best team names.