AJ & McCall 05/02/18

McCall has a new definition of reaching success, and that’s a bedazzled microphone. AJ doesn’t see the point, especially after yesterday when McCall said things were just things. What shouldn’t be bedazzled? What would you decorate? And speaking of reaching success, McCall has her dream job and took a pay cut to get it but would you? If you were offered your dream job today but had to take less money, would you still take it? AJ says yes, but only to a point. This week McCall is having a real rough one because she gave up coffee. She feels awful and her whole day is just off. It’s a two-parter for the #DebateAt8; what do you need to start your morning and what couldn’t you give up? The question that apparently can tell you everything you need to know about someone, and what McCall used at the pageant she judged this weekend, is what superpowers would have and why? We’ve got a chance for you to win rodeo tickets too!