AJ & McCall 05/01/18

Lots of great things to share for Feel Good Tuesday including a question about helping out. AJ had his vehicle break down on Saturday and someone was nice enough to stop on the side of the road and check on him, have you? McCall usually makes a habit to stop depending on the situation, so should AJ change his line of thinking? That particular good deed gives him pause. McCall’s Subaru is called Opie, her first car nickname, but AJ and his friends and family have nicknamed every vehicle. Do you name your vehicle? The Black Rose done, AJ is moving on to a new car, but is still super sad about it. McCall says it’s all just stuff and it’s no big, but aren’t there things that feel like a piece of you that you’d be devastated to lose? For the Debate At 8 what are the inanimate objects you’d be afraid to lose? According to a recent survey there are is a big group of people that say they less once a year or less, which is bogus. How many times do you think you lie in a week?