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AJ & McCall 04/30/18

AJ & McCall are coming back from the weekend and have a chore mystery solved for you. How many socks have you lost? Well the mystery has been solved because there is a space on the bottom of your washing machine that is eating your socks. Do you have any ways that you protect you socks from the monsters? Who’s traveling this summer? If you want to capture and remember the image best then you have to draw it. Can anyone realistically pull that off? We’ve got two vacation drawings and if you can guess the places that both of them are then you win massages! The loser of iPod Idol will have to eat gross foods this week, so what food should AJ or McCall eat? Bring us your best gross suggestions for the Debate At 8, but it will only count if you vote for who sang Bazzi ‘Mine’ on too much coffee best.