AJ & McCall 04/16/18

Thursday night AJ & McCall were at the Justin Timberlake concert and their Drop The Mic podcast on Friday reviewed the concert and concert etiquette. The big one is how long is too long to record at a concert. We accept we’re going to take pictures and some videos, but what is too long? The internet is up in arms about a mom that let her kid have a peanut butter sandwich in a cart at a Target. Apparently she is the worst person in the world because of it. AJ & McCall are super confused and think this is way across the line, but don’t have kids of their own. Parents, is this a problem? Speaking of sandwiches, would you try a tarantula burger? An oven baked spider on a burger? And for the #DebateAt8, do you check your sandwich before you eat it? What’s the grossest thing you’ve found in your food? The loser #iPodIdol will make their magical debut this week, but who will it be?