AJ & McCall 04/08/19

The ACMs were last night and it was another night McCall missed her dream event. A big reason why she wants to go is because she doesn’t feel classy enough to go to the Grammys or Oscars, but that can’t be true there has to have been of classy dress scenarios before right? Do you argue over someone not changing the roll of toilet paper? Never have that argument again, or at least delay it for quite some time, with the forever roll! AJ is convinced he’ll say himself some embarrassment when it comes to shopping but McCall says that’s not the most embarrassing thing to buy. It’s an advice Debate At 8, and a sticky one, because relationships and coworkers always are. A coworker of yours is seeing someone outside of his marriage, what do you do? Drive Thru weirdness, did AJ & McCall have it?