AJ & McCall 04/03/19

McCall has never been in a fight but plenty of people have wanted to fight her over the years, so AJ is taking it upon himself to teach her the ‘be big’ rules so she can be intimidating. While AJ & McCall were planning their prank they had to make sure certain people in the office didn’t find out because they would blow the secret, but there are superheroes that can’t keep quiet either. What’s the last secret the work gossip spilled? There’s a little bit of pranker’s remorse because AJ & McCall used balloons and one of the prankees is deathly afraid of balloons, and then of course AJ found out how scared the whole state is of a board game. What weird thing are you afraid of for the Debate At 8? The dream scenario on your flight is having an empty set next to you, but what about a whole plane?