AJ & McCall 04/02/19

AJ & McCall got revenge, they pranked back! Maybe that factored in to the karma that got McCall pulled over for the first time in her life, first time! There may be a ghost in the VFX studio after AJ & McCall and Producer Butterz have all had weird experiences. What should they do? Should they get a Ouija Board to try and communicate with the ghost? Selfies hurt more people each year thank sharks, but even knowing that McCall is more peeved about another new photo trend. Divorce photo shoots, professional pictures after you split from your husband or wife. There’s no way anyone would agree with that right? Would you destroy anything to help get closure for the Debate At 8? AJ still thinks he and McCall should get a Ouija Board but the stories are coming in and McCall could not be any more against it.