The holiday season begins in earnest when Oprah Winfrey’s annual list of Favorite Things arrives, showing America all of the wonderful things we probably can’t afford this season. The time has come!

And on Wednesday, even the 64-year-old admits that the list has gotten a wee bit out of hand in recent years.

She writes: "These days, choosing my Favorite Things makes me a little cuckoo. What started as an organic extension of wanting to treat people to some things I truly loved has turned into an annual list that takes a team to curate. I then go through every item, picking my favorites and narrowing the selection to my own. It's a process. Because it's important for me to remain as true to my original inspiration as possible. My guideline: Do I really like it enough to want to receive it myself?"

This year, buying the entire list of 107 items, featuring everything from offbeat kitchen gadgets to next-level tech, would cost $13,176.63.

The cheapest item ($13.50) is Truff Hot Sauce. Boyfriend Stedman Graham is a fan. "This spicy, black-truffle-infused sauce is the really delicious deal. But don't just take my word for it: Stedman was a Louisiana Hot Sauce man for 30 years before he tasted this stuff," she enthuses.

The priciest item ($1.525.50) is a Story Bikes electric step-through bike. "My Santa Barbara neighbor makes this battery-powered beauty," Winfrey's description for the bike read. "I love mine because (a) I can pedal up to 20 miles per hour and (b) for every one sold, a nonelectric model is donated to a person in Africa, South America, or Southeast Asia."

Arguably the most random is a Dog DNA Test by Embark for $159. Winfrey writes: "There’s nothing better than discovering your roots—and that goes for fur babies, too. This test reveals a dog’s genetic age and info, as well as breed breakdown, from a small sample of slobber. Incredible!" Indeed.

Perhaps the most infantile is a onesie sweatsuit for adults. Dubbed "The Jumpsuit," an L.A. Relaxed onesie will run you $168. Says Winfrey: "Like a Onesie for grown-ups, this jumpsuit is a pleasure to wear on a long trip because you can curl up in it and still look fresh when you get where you’re going. The stripe down the leg sure does slenderize."