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McCall’s 411: NSYNC ISN’T HAPPENING?!?!?!? (1-24-2018)

JOEY FATONE HAS RUINED MY LIFE…. He said in response to being asked about performing in the superbowl, “I’m here, If I was doing something, I’d be in rehearsals, so, obviously, there’s your proof ― nothing!”

Hilary Duff has a bump!!!!! It’s just for a movie though

Chrissy Teigen gets John Legends help to get into her maternity spanx! I love themmm…

The producer for The Grammy’s confirm that Kesha will perform Praying in support of the #MeToo movement and I CAN’T WAITTTT You go girl! <3

50 cent made a KILLING by accepting bitcoin for his 2014 album with the sudden jump in value for bicoin

Chester Bennington’s old home is up for rent for $8,800 a month.