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McCall’s 411: Ed Sheeran is getting SUED?! (1-11-2018)

Ed Sheeran and Tim McGraw are getting sued for Copyright of the song “When I Found You” that was released in 2014. Here are the two songs, tell me what you think about the two of them. Read the full lawsuit and information about it here.

Ellen and Oprah have both shared photos and videos (see the video here.) of the mudslide in California and how it has effected their homes in Montecito.

Man, Wendy Williams is a SAVAGE. She’s out for blood. She lashed out at Kylie Jenner about her baby looking like the “old Kylie” and that Travis Scott broke up with her.

IS BRITNEY SPEARS ENGAGED AGAIN?!?!?! I’m gonna say yes. ALSO!!! She’s looking SO good.

J. Lo is returning to Will & Grace! She’s going to play 2 different characters!

Rosie O’Donnell sold her West Palm Beach Home for $5 million. WHICH IS 10% LESS THAN WHAT SHE BOUGHT IT FOR. How much money can people be losing by selling homes this year?!

TWO GORDON RAMSAY’S?! Nope. Just him and his 18 year old son Jack