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McCall’s 411 (7-27-2018)

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are allegedly engaged!!! YAY! But it’s like 2 months after they started dating.

YO KARLIE KLOSS!!! CHECK OUT THAT RAAAAAANG!!!!!! She and boyfriend Joshua Kushner are officially engaged!!!! Love. Love. Love. Love!

The 911 call from Demi Lovato’s home has surfaced. They asked for no sirens to keep it quiet, listen to the full recording here.

Amber Rose says she and Taylor Swift are TWINS! Like… they’ve been through all the same things, and Kanye West has bullied her too and she’s been shamed and can really relate to her songs.. Uh. Get out. Read the full story here. *CAUTION FOR LANGUAGE*

Ed Sheeran has made an Instagram for his CATS!!! Hold on a sec, I’m gonna head over and follow them now. (Follow them here.)

NEW MUSIC?!?!?!?! BUT WHEN?!?!?! Check out the teaser below!