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McCall’s 411 (3-15-2018)

Katy Perry is making people maaaad. See, I’m already Taylor Swift fan but I’ve tried to keep an open mind for the most part, BUT THIS…… She gave Benjamin Glaze his first kiss and he didn’t want her to… He was saving it for his first real relationship. Girl.. Read the story here.

Kendall Jenner is addressing her sexuality in the new Vogue. Read what she said here.

Becca Kufrin interviewed on Ellen and said she wanted to see WHO step out of the Limo???? Check it outttttt!

Amber Rose and 21 Savage have broken up!

According to an inside source, Taylor Swift wants Joe Alwyn to propose. How true is this?? Who knows. Read the story here.

Demi Lovato is celebrating 6 years of sobriety!!! Congratulations honey. <3

Kendall Jenner (yes more news) was on Ellen and declared she doesn’t have Baby Fever and she revealed her intoxicated decision to get the word “miaow” tattooed on the inside of her lip.

Tyga stepped out for the first time since Kris Jenner shut down rumors that Kylie’s baby Stormi is actually his.