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McCall’s 411 (3-13-2018)

Kimmy K and Fam are in Utah skiing! At least they were yesterday.

Beyonce and JAY Z announced they’re going on tour together this year and TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

Matt Damon & Ben Affleck have announced they’ll require inclusion riders after they both were savaged by the Time’s Up Movement. Read the full article here.

LOOK AT THAT PUSH PRESENT. $1.4 million for this beauty. ALL for Kylie.

Do you notice some resemblance?? The photo on the left is Arie and now fiance Lauren and the photo on the right is from 9 months ago with his ex! Does he just see the same in her face as he did with his ex and that’s why he chose Lauren?? #RealQuestions

Kylie says she craved Eggo’s when she was pregnant!!! That’s actually not that weird… Haha

Katy Perry got up and danced with someone that was auditioning for American Idol and “accidentally” fell down.