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McCall’s 411: 2018 is NOT Katy Perry’s year… (1-19-2018)

Katy Perry got stung by a jellyfish after falling out of the sky from a water jetpack… thing…

SANDRA BULLOCK IS PREGNANT… in a role she’s playing. I don’t know much about the show itself, but there’s a big crash and it’s called Bird Box.

Kim Kardashian sent the internet into a frenzy after she posted this photo of her garbage cans which, somehow, lead people to believe that she had named her baby after Louis Vuitton. She’s since said NO she didn’t name her child after Louis Vuitton, and she won’t share a photo of her baby on social media because “it goes against our values” …… uhhhhh anyone wanna remind of how she got famous??

Orlando Brown, who was most known for his role as Eddie Thomas in “That’s So Raven” has been arrested on an outstanding warrant for alleged battery and possession of a controlled substance

Fall Out Boy is coming back to Utah! Mark your calendar, October 3rd. They’re bringing Machine Gun Kelly and possibly a whole lot of other people! I’m so excited!