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McCall’s 411 (2-6-2018)

Kim Kardashian congratulated sis Kylie Jenner on her new baby and said their little girls will be “besties” because they’re only 2 weeks apart.

Blake Lively has to go through a SECOND surgery on her hand after a challenging stunt sequence she did in December, and will suspend further filming of “The Rhythm Section” until she’s rested and recovered.

Carey Hart posted this adorable photo with the caption “beyond proud” seriously they’re adorable!

Will Smith celebrated the win from the Eagles with a HILARIOUS video! Check out the video here.

Wendy Williams just doesn’t know when to stop. She’s taking another dig at the Kardashians along with pretty much everyone. Seriously? Look, I get it. You can use the Kardashians for some cheap laughs, but do you not realize the amount of negativity that is circling the world already? The lack of basic human instinct of happiness is just gone from her… Watch the video here.