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McCall’s 411 (2-13-2018)

Ed Sheeran has finally stopped worrying about “being fat” Read the article on how he worked through it here.

Swifties are leaving rats allllll over the Instagram of Karlie Kloss because she’s been hanging out with Katy Perry AND Kendall
Jenner. Look….. I can understand the frustration buuuuut obviously we don’t know the full story cause we aren’t Tay Tay, nor are we Karlie sooooo quit it. Kay?

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom back together??? Really?? I’m not even opposed to this.

Justin Bieber has even Jerry Seinfeld gawking at his new Lamb0… LOOK AT THAT THING! I guess he’s not in New York with Selena Gomez, either. So will they be spending Valentine’s Day together??