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McCall’s 411 (12-05-2017)


Can Ed Sheeran keep a secret?? He announced that Beyonce changes her email address every single week. He also announced that Beyonce got the recording for the “Perfect Duet” in one take.


Taylor, honey, is that you????


Blake Lively has been injured on the set of The Rhythm Section and production has halted


Jimmy Kimmel’s son is having a second heart surgery and taking time off so that he can spend time with his family.


Kim Kardashian is catching some flack from the internet because she posted this photo on her insta last night (followed by the photos of her Christmas cards) but Swiftie fans are ANGRY because it’s a jab at Taylor since she’s still featured in the photo. Swifties are leaving rat emoji’s on her photos because the snake eats the rat.