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McCall’s 411 (10-22-2018)

Pete Davidson opened up about what it’s like being split up from Ariana Grande, obviously he did so with humor. He said “Does anybody have any open rooms?  Looking for a roommate?” aaaand a lot of other stuff. Read more about it here. *CAUTION FOR LANGUAGE*

Hailey Baldwin has trademarked her name “Hailey Bieber” possibly for a clothing line?? Also what’s the ETA on that?

P!nk was reportedly asked to perform at the Superbowl Halftime Show this year, along with Rihanna and both ladies turned it down due to politics. Read the full story here.

G-Eazy is GUSHING over Halsey and I’m SWOOONINGGGGG <3 “Just speaking from the heart, you know? I think the world of her. She’s a really special person, a really special human being. Besides how great of an artist she is, but as a human, I love her.” AWWWWWW