Jessica Chastain is no shrinking violet, but even she is afraid to speak her mind at times. Recalling an incident with a male executive who flirted with her, the 41-year-old Oscar nominated star tells Marie Claire that she wasn’t sure how she should handle the unwanted attention.

"For months, I tried to make it light, laugh it off," Chastain said, not identifying the man, in Marie Claire’s April "Change Makers" issue. "Now I wish I had just told him to f— off."

She also revealed that her support of #MeToo has not been universally embraced in Hollywood.

"I’ve had people tell me, ‘You need to be a little more quiet with all this woman talk,'" Chastain revealed.

But she said she won’t stop speaking out until the playing field is leveled. She observed: "Male directors who had their first film in Sundance, their next offer is a huge action movie. Women haven’t been given those opportunities, and we need to ask why."