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As Harvey Weinstein's criminal trial for sexual assault and rape nears, the disgraced mogul is making more public appearances. He was spotted Thursday at Socialista, an invite-only Cuban-themed club run by Cipriani with branches in Dubai, London, Miami and NYC.

Weinstein was spotted at the NYC club, reportedly watching Alexandra Vino perform a sexy dance for him and cuddling up to him, according to a video obtained by Page Six. Vino and Weinstein were previously seen sharing a PDA last month at Downtime Bar in Alphabet City. On that evening at Downtime, Vino was even spotted defending Weinstein when an actress Zoe Stuckless expressed outrage that a "rapist" was present and no one was "saying anything."

Still, after Page Six's report of their romance went viral, Vino denied it on an Instagram Story.

"Feeling a bit sad today from all the lies put out in the world," Vino posted.

"How people can make up stories and then believe them and spread them," she complained.

"Whoever is in the audience is not my concern," she wrote.

"I feel taken advantage of by the press. Don't listen to their lies."

Weinstein will go to trial in Manhattan Supreme Court in January.