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YVONNE ORJI NABS BOOK DEAL: Yvonne Orji has signed with Flatiron Books, which will publish her faith-based book, Bamboozled by Jesus. The release date of the book Is not known. Orji, who stars as Molly Carter on HBO’s Insecure, has long been outspoken about her faith. The book is being described as an advice book that details her journey toward understanding her life and the Bible.

DESTROYER DIRECTOR TALKS DEFYING LABELS: The director of Nicole Kidman’s new film Destroyer opens up in The Hollywood Reporter about how some wanted to railroad her career based on her gender. Karyn Kusama says she noticed “the focus” on her gender 10 years ago while directing Jennifer’s Body. She says: “The more I'm put in that box of ‘female director,’ the more I feel like it's a way to keep me forever handicapped in a larger environment. I'm trying to figure out how to articulate this conundrum without sounding ungrateful or unsisterly, because I'm both very grateful and very sisterly. I'm also a filmmaker who's been in cultural conversation with myself and others as a woman, actively and deeply, for close to five decades.” Do you feel like female directors get labeled and railroaded into certain genres of films?

MOVIEPASS REVAMPS AGAIN: MoviePass has changed its subscription pricing model yet again. Three new plans, which will be available January 1st, will still limit moviegoers to three films a month. Basic plans will range from $10 to $15 a month depending location, and certain new releases will be off limits; the $15 to $20 middle tier removes those restrictions. The top tier (at $20 to $25) gives subscribers 3D or Imax privileges, but only one per month.

RYAN REYNOLDS IS MAKING A HORROR FILM: 20th Century Fox is teaming up with New Regency on The Patient Who Nearly Drove Me Out of Medicine. The film will be produced by Ryan Reynolds through his Maximum Effort production company, along with Roy Lee and Jon Berg through Vertigo. It will be based on the Jasper DeWitt novella of the same name, originally published on Reddit No Sleep, about a doctor who tries to heal his most challenging patient.