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NETFLIX COMMITS TO THE LAUNDROMAT: Netflix is financing the release of the Steven Soderbergh drama The Laundromat, about the Panama Papers scandal. David Schwimmer has joined the cast, Deadline reports, opposite Gary Oldman, Meryl Street and Antonio Banderas. Will Forte and Riley Keough are also reportedly in talks to join. Laundromat is based on the Jake Bernstein book Secrecy World: Inside the Panama Papers Investigation of Illicit Money Networks and the Global Elite.

TIFFANY HADDISH SPEAKS ON PAY PARITY, AWARDS SHOWS: In a profile in Variety, Tiffany Haddish sounded off on several issues. On pay parity between genders, she says she wants women to talk to each other: "I think the reason why, a lot times, we don’t get paid the same as men do is because we don’t talk about it. I think we do need to talk about it because I sure get in there and I’m like, ‘Hey, Kate Hudson. How much do they pay you for that? What kind of perks do you get for that?’" Haddish also thinks awards are over-rated: "I didn’t get a check with it. When people really want those Oscars so bad and those Emmys and everything so bad, I thought it was because they give you a check. Like they come out with the award and they hand you a check! I’ve been watching sports and NASCAR, horse races, championships, football games, they get a trophy, a ring, and a bonus check. But when you win an Emmy, they give you a gift bag of a bunch of things that you probably not going to really use. I like the trophy a lot, don’t get me wrong, but they could have put a check in there!"

JOHN GOODMAN SAYS ROSEANNE BARR IS MISSED: John Goodman said that Roseanne Barr is missed on the set of The Conners. He appeared on Jimmy Fallon Live Monday night to talk about the spinoff of the Roseanne reboot on ABC. (Barr was famously ousted over racist tweets). Goodman told Fallon that her absence is felt: "She is missed, definitely. After that many years, it’s like a family. Last year was so miraculous and so unreal that when it went away it was almost like a dream." Will you tune in for The Conners?

FACEBOOK CONTROLS 87% OF SOCIAL SPEND: Facebook, with Instagram under its umbrella, will make $6.81 billion from video ads in the U.S. along, according to a new study from eMarketer. Facebook is the No. 1 social-video ad platform in the country, taking in almost 87% of U.S. social video ad spending.

CBS RESCHEDULES SHAREHOLDER MEETING: History repeating itself. CBS Corp. has rescheduled its annual meeting of shareholders for December 11th. The meeting was scheduled for May 17th, then rescheduled for August 10th after the board voted in favor of diluting National Amusements' 80% voting share to 17%. Then Leslie Moonves stepped down as CEO following multiple allegations of misconduct. Richard Parsons, the former CEO of AOL Time Warner was recently named interim chairman of CBS. Think the network will survive all of the changes?