CHRIS ROCK'S SAW REBOOT OFFERS UP TRAILER: Lionsgate's Spiral, directed by Darren Lynn Bousman, starring Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson has dropped. The film is a reboot of the 2004 horror hit Saw. Spiral hits theaters on May 15.

RAY DONOVAN CANCELED: The Liev Schreiber-led Ray Donovan has been canceled after seven seasons on Showtime. This news comes as Showtime bids goodbye to Homeland after eight seasons, and as Shameless finishes its run.

WHERE ARE NEW OSCAR-VOTERS FROM? A diversification push from the Academy has seen a 39% rise in new members coming from outside the U.S., which observers are seeing as an opportunity for films like Parasite, directed by Bong Joon Ho and acquiring serious Oscar buzz ahead of Sunday's big ceremony. Of the new members, the largest group hails from Europe, with 23% coming from the U.K. (including Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland) and 16% coming from France (including female directors Mia Hansen-Love, Catherine Breillat, Mélanie Laurent).

GENE REYNOLDS DIES: The co-creator of MASH, Gene Reynolds, has died at age 96. He also served as the president of the Directors Guild of America for four years, starting in 1993. In addition to producing MASH, he directed and wrote several episodes. Directors Guild of America President Thomas Schlamme and former National Executive Director Jay D. Roth said in a statement, "Gene's influence on the modern Directors Guild of America was significant and lasting. During his two terms as President, he dedicated himself to making the Guild more inclusive – broadening the leadership base, encouraging younger members to take leadership positions, strengthening ties between feature directors, pushing the industry to do better on diversity and working to modify DGA agreements so that filmmakers with low budgets could benefit from DGA membership. Gene's commitment to the Guild lasted long after his presidency ended, regularly attending Board and Western Directors Council meetings, and never hesitating to share his thoughts. He was passionate about this Guild, spirited in his beliefs and dedicated until the end."