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AVATAR 2 COMING: Ten years ago, James Cameron's Avatar introduced moviegoers to Pandora, and also "changed the way we thought about movies, the way we thought about movie-making, even the way we thought about the movie screen," says Stephen Lang, who played Col. Miles Quaritch. Lang will return in the long-awaited sequel on December 21, 2021. He was tight-lipped about his recovery, but he told The Hollywood Reporter: "Jim indicated to me years ago, before filming on Avatar was completed, that Quaritch had a future. I might have taken that with a grain of salt at the time because we'd had a few beers. Shortly after Avatar opened Jim mentioned again that the Colonel was coming back, and by then I knew Jim well enough to know that he means what he says and he says what he means."

JENNIFER HUDSON IS RESPECT: Fans are getting their first look at Jennifer Hudson in Aretha Franklin biopic Respect, due out on October 9th, 2020. MGM's trailer shows Hudson singing a verse of the title song in sepia-toned silhouette; but then a light goes on with "R-E-S-P-E-C-T" spelled out behind her in giant neon-style letters and we're off.

GREEN EGGS RENEWED: Netflix is renewing Green Eggs & Ham for a second season. Titled Green Eggs and Ham: The Second Serving, season 2 will offer 10 half-hour episodes. Jaren Stern created the show and Ellen DeGeneres, Stern, Sam Register, Mike Karz, David Dobkin and Jeff Kleeman executive produce.

THE DAILY SHOW LAUNCHES PODCAST MINISERIES: Comedy Central and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah are launching The Daily Show Podcast Universe, an original five-episode miniseries that will live on the Global Podcast Network. The show will bow January 13th and will feature Noah and multiple correspondents, plus guests.