STARDUST PRE-SELLS: Stardust, a film based on David Bowie's early days, has snagged multiple pre-sales deals for Film Constellation. The film, written by Christopher Bell, will follow Bowie from the moment he created his alter-ego Ziggy Stardust, as hit hits the road in America for the first time in 1971. Johnny Flynn stars as Bowie, with Marc Maron co-starring as his publicist Ron Oberman. So far, it has sold it to Elevation Pictures (Canada), NFP (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), Icon (Australia/New Zealand), Culture Entertainment Co. (Japan), Falcon (Middle East), Russian World Vision (CIS/Baltics), Outsider (Portugal), Noori Pictures (Hong Kong/Taiwan), PVR (India) and Captive Entertainment (Airlines). A promo screening was held for buyers in Toronto Thursday.

LIONSGATE PREPARING $100M NEW YORK STUDIO: Lionsgate is planning to build a new production facility in Yonkers. As an anchor tenant, the studio will have naming rights. The $100 million facility will include three 20,000 square foot and two 10,000 square foot stages, a back lot and the option to create a location based entertainment property. Construction will begin next year.

DISNEY STREAMER TO REACH 82M SUBSCRIBERS? Watch your back, Netflix and Amazon, the House of Mouse is moving into streaming. Disney's upcoming Disney+ streaming service will reach 82 million subscribers by 2024, according to a forecast from Digital TV Research. "Netflix's dominance of global SVOD is falling, although the company will add 79 million subs between 2018 and 2024 to take its total to 219 million," it said in its report. And Simon Murray, principal analyst at Digital TV Research, noted: "This comes despite the onslaught from new global players."

LORD OF THE RINGS SERIES CASTS LEAD: Will Poulter will lead the cast of Amazon's Lord of the Ring series. The show, based on J.R.R. Tolkien's iconic series of novels, is locked in secrecy. Markell Kavenagh was the first person to be cast.