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FIREWORKS FIZZLES: NBC’s annual Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular special registered the lowest rating since 2015, drawing about 5.89 million viewers. Still, the special topped broadcast networks on a re-run heavy night. The night’s No. 2 program was actually a shortened re-run of Fireworks at 10 p.m., which drew 4.3 million viewers.

WOLF OF WALL STREET PRODUCER ARRESTED: Riza Aziz, a producer on The Wolf of Wall Street, among many others, has been arrested in Malaysia on money-laundering charges. According to reports, the Malaysian government is charging him with using the money from his stepfather’s investment fund to finance his films. Riza’s stepfather is former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak Najib, his mother Rosmah Mansor, and his friend Low Taek Jho also face charges.

PATRICIA CLARKSON SAYS STREAMERS ARE GOOD FOR WOMEN: Patricia Clarkson speaking at Karlovy Vary film festival in the Czech Republic, saysthat she is seeing a "profound shift" in Hollywood as "people are realizing that women can also make you money," adding that streamers "are good for women." She adds: "The current Netflix, HBO, Amazon and Warners streaming services are good for women. They have single-handedly really lifted women — and women of over 40, 50 or 60. It has given them a vibrant, complex and fertile field in which they now work." Clarkson appears in HBO’s Sharp Objects.

DAVID HARBOUR TALKS SHOCKER ENDING: Netflix’s Stranger Things ended its eight-episode Season 3 with a shocking moment that left many wondering if Hopper (David Harbour) was no more. Harbour discussed the ending with E!: "I mean, it's the most moving thing I think we've ever shot. There's a profundity to the season in terms of change, movement and the passage of time even, that's even bigger than monsters and things like that. I will say that there's a great Heraclitus quote which is like, ‘Nothing endures but change. Things have to change.' And the weird thing about doing a television is you fall in love with people, you fall in love with the things about it, and you want them to always to be that thing. And then sometimes life doesn't go the way you want, and things have to change. Part of that can be painful, and part of that can be miraculous and wonderful." Do you think he’s RIP?