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DENZEL WASHINGTON TALKS TRUE PASSION: Denzel Washington, who is producing the televised play Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom for HBO, is set to accept the American Film Institute’s Lifetime Achievement Award on June 6th. At 64, the Glory star, who has won two Oscars, three Golden Globes and one Tony, tells The Hollywood Reporter about his true passion: "Theater. That's where I started. Actually, it was a practical thing: I started acting in college, not because I wanted to act in movies but because I was looking for something to major in. I'd tried everything else and found I had some ability as a performer. The first play I ever did was a musical and I found out I couldn't sing, and then I did Eugene O'Neill's Emperor Jones, and the second drama I ever did was Othello. I wanted to be James Earl Jones and make $650 a week on Broadway."

SNL SEASON 4 BLOOPER REEL RELEASED: Saturday Night, yes, but Live? Not so much. Season 44 of the classic sketch comedy featured so many pretaped sketches, NBC was able to release a blooper reel. The compilation includes flubbed lines, giggles, dropped props and a scared Aidy Bryant. Matt Damon, Leslie Jones, Adam Sandler and Emma Stone also make appearances, among many others.

ELLEN POMPEO TALKS TOXIC ENVIRONMENT ON GREY’S: In a conversation with Taraji P. Henson for Variety, Ellen Pompeo admitted "there were many moments when I wanted off the bus" in the early seasons of Grey’s Anatomy because it had a "serious, serious culture problem." She says there was "very bad behavior" and a "really toxic work environment," but she stuck with it because as a working mom, she needed the money.

LETTERKENNY LANDS AT HULU: Hulu is launching Canadian comedy Letterkenny on October 14 as the cult Canadian hit becomes an official Hulu Original in its seventh season. The comedy is set in a rural Canadian community featuring a variety of backwoods characters and hockey players.