Gwyneth Paltrow is fighting back against critics who say her namesake brand Goop practices pseudoscience.

The newlywed and Goop CEO recently sat down with the BBC to address the criticism. She defendsGoop’s alt medicinal push, saying: "We really believe that there are healing modalities that have existed thousands of years, and they challenge maybe a very conventional western doctor that might not believe necessarily in the healing powers of essential oils or any variety of acupuncture. Things that have been tried and tested for hundreds of years."

Patrow continues: "We find that they are very healthy to people and there’s an incredible power in the human body to heal itself. So I think any time you are trying to move the needles and you’re trying to empower women, you find resistance and we just think that’s part of what we do and we’re proud to do it. "


Goop has faced a number of lawsuits. Recently, a suit brought by 10 California counties argues that Goop made erroneous scientific claims about the benefits of putting a Jade Egg and a Rose Quartz Egg into the vagina when it claimed they could "increase sexual energy." The suit also objected to Goop’s Inner Judge Flower Essence Blend, which it claims can help prevent depression.

Goop agreed to pay a $145K settlement.

Paltrow defends Goop, despite the company’s agreement to shell out the settlement. "We never had any customer complaints about it all, we didn’t have to admit any wrongdoing, but we just wanted to settle and put it behind us," she says. "Of course, as you learn and grow, especially if you’re a startup, you have to learn on the job sometimes."