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Emma Stone graces the cover of British Vogue in February, looking as ravishing as ever, but inside, she discusses how "gloomy" she felt when approaching her recent milestone birthday.

"I got gloomy for about a week," she says of turning 30 on November 6th.

Stone says getting older has been "bittersweet," and notes that she recently decided to opt out of Hollywood for a year after a hectic decade of superstardom. Not that she set out on a specific quest. She did not, she says "learn a language, I didn’t learn to cook … I’ve been a little drifty."

Via her mellow drift, she reveals that she discovered that "Nobody knows what they’re doing! We’re all just a bunch of people trying to figure out how to get through the day."

She says: "It’s OK if not everybody likes you. So that was a major lesson, not falling over myself to win over the unwinnable."