The news keeps getting worse for Cuba Gooding Jr. The Oscar winner has now been accused of sexual misconduct by 14 women, and on Monday, accuser Natasha Ashworth filed suit against him, claiming she has video proof of his bad behavior, TMZ reports.

Ashworth claims she was working at TAO in New York City in the wee hours of October 24th, 2018, when Gooding asked her, "Do you want to see my impression of a penis?"

TMZ writes she responded, "No," but that Gooding drank from his glass, and spurted liquid out of his mouth. Natasha says she just walked away from him.

They ran into each other a few hours later, around 4:20 am, when Gooding allegedly grappled her right buttock. She told him not to, but he reportedly replied, "Aw, that's no fun ... and I didn't, I touched your back."

She then said that she grabbed him and told him to leave, and that a club promoter told Gooding to stop, at which point he pushed the promoter out of the way and later stormed out, saying: "You don't have to worry, because I am never coming back here again."

Ashworth claims she has video proving the grabs and pushes. She is suing Gooding for assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Gooding has pleaded not guilty and is next due in court on December 13th, when a judge will rule whether prosecutors can call accusers of uncharged crimes to establish a pattern of behavior. Last week, Gooding was indicted on two instances of misdemeanor sexual touching.