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JERRY AND JESSICA SEINFELD OPEN UP ABOUT DAUGHTER’S BOYFRIEND: Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld’s 17-year-old daughter Sascha has a boyfriend, and he has met the parents. Their verdict? "We love him so much," Jessica, 47, told Us Weekly at GOOD + Foundation’s 3rd Annual Halloween Bash. The 64-year-old Jerry joked: "Yeah. It’s a shame he’s gonna have to go." The pair, dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf for Halloween, also share Julian, 15, and Shepherd, 13.

MINDY KALING RESPONDED TO A TEXT FROM OPRAH WHILE IN LABOR: Mindy Kaling is really responsive. On Sunday’s premiere of Busy Philipps’ talk show Busy Tonight, the new mom revealed that she responded to Oprah Winfrey’s text while laboring to give birth to her 10-month-old daughter, Katherine. "I'm not, like, Gail King close with Oprah, but I would say we're friends. I have her phone number," Kaling, 39, told Philipps. "I will say, when I was in labor with my baby I got a bunch of texts and the great thing about when you're in labor is like, 'Oh, I don't have to respond to any of these people.' But she texted me about something about her magazine and I remember, I'm literally in labor, and was like, 'Oh, of course, anything!' I'm laying in Cedars-Sinai... I'm hooked up to the thing... and Oprah asked me something about the magazine and I didn't even tell her I was in labor because I was like, 'Anything you want. Of course!'"

HEATHER’S EPISODES PULLED AFTER PITTSBURGH SHOOTING: Sunday’s episodes of Paramount Network’s Heathers reboot were pulled following the fatal shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue. Eleven people died. The reboot features violent scenes and addresses mental illness and suicide. The initial premiere of the series was delayed after a high school shooting in Parkland, Florida killed 17.

TERESA GIUDICE SAYS SHE WILL STAND BY HUSBAND: Teresa Giudice has no plans to divorce her husband Joe, despite a judge’s recent order to have him deported after he finishes his jail sentence for fraud. She tells Entertainment Tonight: "We are not even thinking about whether we'd move to Italy right now. We're going to take it day by day. We're going to take it one step at a time. First, we're going to process the paperwork to do an appeal, and we're going to get through that." The pair share four daughters together.

JENELLE EVANS DEFENDS HUSBAND POSING WITH CONFEDERATE FLAG: Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is using her Instagram story to seemingly defend her husband David Eason, who received serious backlash for posing with a Conderate flag. While she didn’t address the photo directly, shereposted a video of a man saying, "Really, guys? This is what I have to wake up to? Really? ‘I don’t support your last post.’ Well, good. ‘These are not good people.’ Well, good. ‘That man is a racist.’ Uh huh. ‘That girl, that girl.’" Last week, Evans also defended her husband, who (per a released 911 call) reportedly physically assaulted her.