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AMY SCHUMER SAYS IT ‘SUCKS’ TO BE A WOMAN: Amy Schumer, 37, is airing her grievances about sexism and power on Dax Shepard’s podcast, Armchair Expert. "Being a woman sucks. It’s very difficult… We’re sexualized all the time, even when it seems crazy," Schumer said. "I feel really bad for these girls who are so hot because guys can’t handle it. You can’t have a conversation, everything skews sexual and you’re gonna be treated differently." She continued, adding that women "live in constant fear of violence," adding: "1 in 6 women reports being sexually assaulted, but really it’s 1 in 3 women. So we’re not even like, is this gonna happen? We’re like, when? Like if I’m in New York and I take the subway — women, we run home at night. We’re afraid. We put the key between our two fingers, like we’re gonna be able to do something with that."

KHLOE KARDASHIAN EMBRACING HER ‘REVENGE BODY’ AMID ROUGH PATCH: Khloe Kardashian showed off her figure in a series of Instagram posts as she and her baby daddy Tristan Thompson are reportedly having relationship issues. Kardashian famously welcomed daughter True six months ago just days after Thompson was caught on video cheating on her. Kardashian captioned the shots "Revenge Body," likely a reference to her E! show of the same name, but also, fans believe, a reference to her struggles with Thompson. "Khloe is stable, content and very happy with being a mom and with how things are going with True," a source tells People. "As for Tristan, things are still quite up in the air between them. Things seem more unstable in the relationship right now, but she’s taking it all in stride."

PETER DINKLAGE HINTS AT TYRION’S FATE: It’s not good. We last saw Tyrion spying on Daenerys and Jon’s boat cruise. Peter Dinklage hints at Tyrion’s fate in a conversation with Vulture about the Game of Thrones’ final season: "I feel very, very — I’m trying to find the right word. I think he was given a very good conclusion. No matter what that is — death can be a great way out." Of Tyrion’s trajectory on the show, he said: "He certainly developed a deeper sense of responsibility over the course of the show. He was a pretty irresponsible character to begin with. He used his position as the outcast of his family like an adolescent would. He pushed it in their the Lannisters’ faces. The beauty of Tyrion is that he grew out of that mode in a couple of seasons and developed a strong sense of responsibility. Not morality, because he always had that, but what to do with his intelligence."

IS GRETCHEN CARLSON PLANNING A RUN FOR OFFICE? Miss America chief Gretchen Carlson has been engaged in a serious behind-the-scenes battle for control of the organization (amid accusations from former crown-holders of bullying), and she will not back down, Page Six reports. In addition to putting her professional reputation on the line, Carlson also sees her position as an important part of her mission to eventually run for public office. A sources tells Page Six: "She will never back down because she’s said behind closed doors that resigning would be a documented reflection of her leadership ability … if she runs for political office."