BRAD PITT WEARS NAME TAG: Someone, somewhere, might not know who he is. In that case, and in the off chance that they attended the Oscars 2020 luncheon, Brad Pitt has them covered. Page Six noted that the heavyhitter, who is nominated for his role in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, politely wore his name tag like the rest of the plebes while mingling with fellow nominees at the Oscars 2020 lunch. The 56-year-old has already picked up a SAG and Golden Globe for his role in Quentin Tarantino's film.

WILLIAM SHATNER SETTLES DIVORCE: Star Trek star William Shatner has settled his divorce with his estranged wife, Elizabeth. The 88-year-old was married to Elizabeth for 18 years; The Blast reports that his net worth is more than $100 million, but that they had an iron-clad prenup.

JENELLE EVANS GIVES UPDATE ON LOVE LIFE: Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans is "single as hell," despite rumors that she is back with David Eason. In a Q&A with fans, she said: "I'm trying to stay out of court, trying to keep things civil between all parties and I just want to do my own thing … I need to venture out. I need to think about my future, my kids and what I'm going to do in life and I don't need any distractions at all. And I noticed that guys can be a big distraction."

JOE GIUDICE LIVING IT UP: Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Giudice is living his best life in Mexico. Joe, who recently split with wife of 20+ years Teresa, was spotted mingling with multiple women and hanging poolside.

BLAKE LIVELY ON HAVING THREE KIDS: Blake Lively got real on Good Morning America. The 32-year-old The Rhythm Section star said that raising three young uns under 6 years of age with husband Ryan Reynolds is … busy. "It's like going from two to 3,000," she said about the difference between having two children and three. "I mean, we have so many children. It's pretty crazy. We're outnumbered, and it's a lot."

MATT BOMER OPENS UP ABOUT PLAYING TOM BRADY: Matt Bomer stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and discussed the rumors that he would play Tom Brady in a future biopic. He joked: "First of all, I wish I looked like Tom Brady. Second of all, I think there are more chapters in the biopic of Tom Brady. I think by the time they're ready to make a Tom Brady biopic I'll be way too long in the tooth for that."