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KIM KARDASHIAN SAID SHE CRIED ON THE WAY HOME FROM THE MET: Kim Kardashian, 39, reflected on some of her best and worst fashion moments in a Vogue video. She explains that when viewers mocked her floral-print gown at the 2013 Met Gala, she was crushed. "I was very pregnant, very puffy and bloated and I was like, ‘Oh god, of course the first time I go I'm gonna be huge," she said, noting that she didn't actually get an invitation. "Kanye West was performing so I wasn't actually invited, I was just Kanye's plus one. And that was okay with me because I never really dreamed I would be at the Met Ball," she said, adding, "I know no one really probably wanted me there at the time."

DANIEL CRAIG CONFIRMS HE'D RATHER DRINK GUINNESS THAN STAR IN 007: When Stephen Colbert asked Daniel Craig if he was done playing James Bond on The Late Show, Craig confirmed, "it's done." What's next? "I think Guinness. Just Guinness. Maybe some solids occasionally."

KAIA GERBER & PETE DAVIDSON VACATION IN MIAMI: Kaia Gerber and Pete Davidson were spotted on vacation together in Miami. They are reportedly there to attend one the wedding of one of the SNL star's friends.

RYAN REYNOLDS MAKES SURPRISE SNL APPEARANCE: Will Ferrell's SNL opening monologue was upstaged by surprise guest Ryan Reynolds. The 52-year-old became distracted by the Deadpool star. "Excuse me, but you look a lot like Ryan Reynolds," he said to Reynolds. Reynolds told the comedian he was "a big fan," Ferrell got distracted. "A big fan of me? Fun. I didn't know you were gonna be here. Okay. So, where were we? I can't believe you are here. God, Ryan Reynolds is here. You good?" a nervous Ferrell said. "Yes I'm good. I am just here to enjoy the show," Reynolds responded.

SUSAN SARANDON SHARES SHOCKING PIC OF BRUISED FACE: Susan Sarandon is in recovery mode after a serious fall that resulted in a bruised face and a concussion. The 73-year-old shared a close-up shot of her face on Friday on social media, saying that she's have to miss an event for Senator Bernie Sanders as a result. The injuries include a forehead welt, a bruised right eye and a fractured nose. "A little slip = concussion, fractured nose, banged up knee," Sarandon captioned the pics. "So, looks like I won't be able to meet the folks in New Hampshire with Senator Sanders tomorrow. I'm really sorry I'll miss that opportunity ... "

CHARLIZE THERON DETAILS BOMBSHELL FALLOUT: Charlize Theron starred in and produced Bombshell, the story of Fox News founder Roger Ailes' downfall, also starring Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie. But the film—which is garnering Oscars buzz—almost didn't happen. She tells The Hollywood Reporter that two weeks ahead of shooting, Annapurna Studios pulled out. She said: "A lot of the miracle of getting a movie made is having everybody available, and on this film, we aimed really high and had a lot of actors who are very, very busy and so the scheduling was the biggest problem with the financing falling through because we were two weeks out from shooting, and we had cast everybody and so beyond that. I mean, we had people working, we needed a cast flow." She buckled down and within "two days" secured financing with Aaron Gilbert and Bron Studios.