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ZOOEY DESCHANEL AND JONATHAN SCOTT MAKE RELATIONSHIP OFFICIAL: Zooey Deschanel and HGTV's Jonathan Scott have reached the all-important milestone of sharing their love on the Gram. The pair went on a double date with Jonathan's twin brother Drew Scott and wife Linda Phan to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Los Angeles and shared a shot from the night out. "Still processing how scared I was of these people dressed in spooky masks," the New Girl star captioned her photo

STEVE HARVEY'S STEPDAUGHTER ARRESTED: Steve Harvey's 22-year-old stepdaughter Lori Harvey has been arrested, according to reports. Just prior to 10 pm on Sunday, the Beverly Hills Police Department received a report that a traffic collision occurred on the 200 block of Moreno Drive in L.A. During the accident, her Mercedes SUV reportedly flipped over, and an eyewitness claims she was texting while driving just prior to crashing into another car. People reports that she was not injured, but that she attempted to flee the accident. Police arrived and was arrested for misdemeanor hit and run and prolonging or delaying a police investigation.

NATALIE PORTMAN DEFENDS MCU: Directors and stars have been speaking out since iconic filmmaker Martin Scorsese declared that Marvel films are "theme parks" and "not cinema." James Gunn has defended Marvel, while Francis Ford Coppola has proclaimed them "despicable." Now, Natalie Portman, who stars in the forthcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. She told The Hollywood Reporter: "I think there's room for all types of cinema. There's not one way to make art."

CHRISSY TEIGEN LAUNCHING FOOD SITE: Chrissy Teigen is cooking up a new food website, and it should be up and running soon, she shared on Instagram. "Working on the most epic holiday table to launch my site with!" she wrote alongside a snapshot of her with daughter Luna, 3, lying exhausted next to a table filled with food. "Didn't want it to just look like a bunch of photoshopped dishes of the past so the team made and plated every single one (over 40!!) and you'll have the ability to drag and create the menu of your dreams!!" The Cravings site is set to drop before Thanksgiving.

DENNIS QUAID & LAURA SAVOIE ARE ENGAGED: The 65-year-old Dennis Quaid has proposed to the 26-year-old Laura Savoie after several months of dating. "I had the ring in my pocket. It has been kind of a month-and-a-half plan — I wanted it to be private," Dennis told Extra of the "sunset" proposal. "She was actually taking a selfie of us, and I put the ring in front and said, ‘Will you marry me?' And then she fell down."

WHY DID SUZANNE SOMERS GO NUDE AT 73? Suzanne Somers' 73rd birthday gram in her birthday suit quickly went viral. She tells Page Six it just felt right. She said: We've lived in the same house for 43 years. We were wandering along one of the paths… and I took my top down. It was hot. The flowers were flowering, the bees were bee-ing… it just seemed like the right thing to do." She joked of Hamel, her husband since 1977, "He's seen me naked before."