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IRELAND BALDWIN TAKES ON CANADA GOOSE: Ireland Baldwin, daughter of Alec and Kim Basinger, is urging Canada Goose to stop using coyote fur and down feathers for their parkas. Today (Friday), the 22-year-old plans to address the brand during their shareholder meeting. She will speak out as a rep for PETA. "This question is not meant to secure publicity or to redress a personal grievance," says Baldwin in a statement. "The intent is to end the suffering that animals endure at the hands of Canada Goose." Celebs including Ansel Elgort, Daniel Craig, Hugh Jackman, Emma Stone and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have been spotted wearing the brand, which is also the official sponsor of the Sundance Film Festival.

EMMY ROSSUM JOINS ‘I WEIGH’ MOVEMENT: The Good Place star Jameela Jamil launched the "I Weigh" movement on Instagram after Kim Kardashian got dragged for bragging that she weighed 119 pounds. Rossum, 31, took to her Instagram Story to share her body-positive message. "During my life the scale has told me that I’ve gained and lost and gained and lost somewhere in the range of 20 pounds, but that piece of metal doesn’t really know. Here is what I ACTUALLY weigh…" she wrote on her story. "One happy marriage. The courage it takes every day to overcome PTSD. 3 best friends since kindergarten. Drive. Kindness. Empathy. Jewish and proud. Animal rescuer. 100+ hours of television. Daughter. Countless hours of therapy. Makes friends with strangers. One finished screenplay." She added, "When you add everything up you are the size of your thighs don’t really matter anymore do they? Show people what you are actually made of because you are so much more than a f–king number."

ACTRESS DESCRIBES GEOFFREY RUSH MISCONDUCT: An actress claims Oscar-winning actor Geoffrey Rush touched her breast and lower back during a Shakespeare production three years ago, according to documents presented in court Thursday. The 67-year-old is suing The Daily Telegraph in Sydney over articles reporting that the Sydney Theatre Company had received complaints about his "inappropriate behavior." The judge ruled that the paper could use the actress’ statement in its defense against the suit, which will be tried by jury in October. Rush and the actress (Eryn Jean Norvill) are expected to take the stand.

CHRISSY TEIGEN EXPERIENCES ANOTHER QUAKE! Chrissy Teigen experienced another earthquake on what was supposed to be a vacation in paradise. She, John Legend, and their two kids are in Bali and last Sunday, she was in the midst of a 7.0 quake that killed dozens. It seems the earth shook again Wednesday night. Teigen tweeted: "Earthquake in the daytime. That’s a change." She guesses it was a "high 3," but a user said, nope, 6.2. Still, Teigen tweeted: "At this point they’re all small compared to a few days ago."

BACHELORETTE CONTESTANT ON LEAVE AFTER HARASSMENT ALLEGATIONS: Bachelorette contestant Leo Dottavio is taking a leave of absence from his stuntman gig at Universal Studio Hollywood’s "Water World" show, Page Six reports. Dottavio, 31, left as allegations of sexual harassment emerged.