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MEGHAN MARKLE AND PRINCE HARRY EXPECTED AT MISHA NONOO'S WEDDING IN ITALY: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will reportedly attend the wedding of her best friend Misha Nonoo and energy entrepreneur Mikey Hess in Italy on Friday (September 20th). The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex will attend the nuptials in Rome -- just three days before embarkin on their tour of South Africa. A source told Page Six, "There is no way that Meghan wouldn't be at Misha's wedding — no way at all." (People)

MASSAGE THERAPIST ACCUSING KEVIN SPACEY OF SEXUAL ABUSE DIES: The massage therapist that has accused actor Kevin Spacey of sexual abuse has died. The man, who accused Spacey of forced sexual contact, died from unknown causes -- according to a notice filed in U.S. District Court by Spacey's attorneys. In September 2018, the alleged victim charged the actor with sexual assault, battery and false imprisonment. He claimed that Spacey grabbed his hand during a massage two years prior and made him touch his penis. The attorney for the alleged victim has blased the actor and his legal team for filing a notice of death even though the victim's lawyers told them not to. (Page Six)

ALEC BALDWIN AND WIFE HILARIA ARE HAVING A FIFTH CHILD: Alec Baldwin and wife Hilaria are welcoming a fifth child -- after she suffered a miscarriage earlier this year. The Mom Brain co-host announced the news on Instagram, alongside a video of the baby's heartbeat monitor. She said, "It is still very early…but we have learned that there is a little person inside of me 💛. The sound of this strong heart makes me so happy—especially because of the loss we experienced in the spring." She added, "We want to share this news as we are excited and don't want to hide the pregnancy. These first few months are tough with exhaustion and nausea…and I don't want to have to pretend that I feel ok." She requested that the paparazzi leave her alone because she wants to "remain peaceful." (Page Six)

ANTONIO BANDERAS SAYS EX MELANIE GRIFFITH IS ONE OF HIS BEST FRIENDS: Antonio Banderas says ex-wife Melanie Griffith is one of his best friends. In an interview with Vulture, he said, "I am not married with Melanie anymore, but she is my family. She is probably one of my best friends, if not the best friend that I have. My family is there, Dakota , Little Estella and Alexander." The two were married from 1996 to 2015. They have a daughter name Stella. (People)