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TRUMP SLAMS SNL: President Donald Trump is disgusted with NBC’s Saturday Night Live. He took to Twitter Sunday to accuse NBC of "collusion" against his administration, asking how the show can get away with "hit jobs" without "retribution." SNL mocked Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to build a wall on Saturday’s show. Alec Baldwin, who has impersonated Trump for years on the show, said as Trump: "We have a tremendous amount of drugs flowing into the country from the southern border — or the brown line, as many people have asked me not to call it. That’s why we need wall. Because wall works. Wall makes safe."

LILO DENIES SLAMMING CBS: Lindsay Lohan is claiming that someone impersonated her on social media after reports that she castigated CBS went viral. The Mean Girl captioned a shot of herself on Instagram: "I have been made aware that further comments were added to my last Instagram post as to appear that I wrote them. Firstly, I can guarantee these comments were not made from me." LiLo reportedly blasted CBS after her mom Dina Lohan got the boot from the network’s show Celebrity Big Brother. LiLo continued: "Sadly from investigation I have learned that a past member of my team who had access to my account made these changes."

BRAD PITT VISITS JENNIFER ANISTON’S ART SHOW: Brad Pitt, 55, visited his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston’s art installation, called "Jennifer Aniston’s Used Book Sale," People reports. Pitt was spotted at the show days after he hit her 50th birthday party at the Sunset Tower Hotel in L.A. Aniston wasn’t the artist behind the show; instead, she reportedly inspired artist Kristen Morgan. Meanwhile, Aniston’s private jet experienced an issue mid-air on her way to another birthday bash in Cabo, and she had to turn back.

NICO TORTORELLA DRINKS HILARY DUFF’S BREAST MILK: Nico Tortorella made the bold step of drinking Younger co-star Hilary Duff’s breast milk at a table read … and posting about it on Intagram Stories. Duff welcomed daughter Banks Violet Blair three months ago."I'm for real doing this right now," he says in the clip (and yes, he’s drinking from a cup, obvs). "Mmm," he says, after appearing to take a sip. "Oh my God, it is delicious!"

NEW INSIGHT INTO RUE MCCLANAHAN’S DEATH: New details have emerged nearly nine years after Golden Girls star Rue McClanahan’s death. On Reelz’ docuseries Autopsy: Rue McClanahan forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Hunter questioned the cause of death, which was reported as a stroke. He speculates that the stroke may have been caused by her clinical anxiety. Hunter says that "Rue may have been even more susceptible to a stroke as a result of a debilitating illness that overshadowed her whole life."

IS MEGHAN MARKLE RETURNING TO THE BIG SCREEN? Artist Rights Distribution has snapped up the rights to 2011’s The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down. Meghan Markle stars as a party girl named Dana. Some outlets are speculating that it will be released on the big screen. The story follows a bunch of twenty-somethings out for a crazy night on the town.