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JONAH HILL REVEALS NEW HABIT: Newly minted health-nut Jonah Hill has a great way to stay slim. "I started Brazilian Jui Jitzu 2 months ago and try and train 4 or 5 times a week," he revealed on social media Tuesday alongside a photo of himself at a Jiu Jitsu studio in Manhattan. "In high school the dudes who did Jui Jitzu used to beat the s–t out of us at parties so it turned me off to it as an idea growing up. But quietly I always thought it was a beautiful art form." He continued: "At 35, I try and get over the stuff that made me feel weak and insecure as a teenager. It’s just wasted time and lessons you’ll never learn. Trying to let go of that. Nothing more humbling than getting your ass kicked by a 12-year-old your first week." What’s your favorite way to stay in fighting form?

CAITLYN JENNER WINS 10-YEAR TRANSFORMATION: Bold-faced social media users have been going bonkers with their 10-year transformation shares, but Caitlyn Jenner just bested everyone, with a post sharing side-by-side shots of herself as Bruce, and then Caitlyn. Now THAT is a #10YearChallenge," adding, "Be authentic to yourself."

KATHY GRIFFIN LASHES OUT AT DON CHEADLE: Hours after Don Cheadle posted a photo in support of Sleeping Giant, an organization that hopes to end racism and sexism, Kathy Griffin lashed out at him for not supporting him during her travails. "Oh GREAT Don," she tweeted. "I will never forgive you for your nasty tweet the day my smear campaign started. You know it was a f–king smear campaign and you have never taken a moment to apologize. Some liberal you are. Yes, my memory is long my ex friend. Shame on you. I kept a list. Fear me." Griffin, 58, is referring to when she got in trouble for posting a picture of a decapitated Donald Trump head. After a brief back and forth, Cheadle tweeted that they were never friends, but if they were, he would have told her not to stage the photoshoot.

JAMES FRANCO SETTLES LAWSUIT: James Franco settled a lawsuit filed last year by a former student named Ryan Moody who said he wrote early drafts of The Disaster Artist. Moody said that he was tricked into giving up the rights to the film for $5,000."The lawsuit has been resolved," Moody’s attorney, Brian Grossman, told Variety on Monday. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

KATE MIDDLETON ANSWERS PRESSING QUESTION ABOUT QUEEN: Does the Queen ever eat pizza? The royal mother of three faced the tough questions during her visit to the King Henry’s Walk Garden in London Tuesday. Kate Middleton was asked by 8-year-old Nadirah if the Queen has ever tried pizza, and Kate admitted she was stumped. "You know, that’s such a good question. I don’t know," the royal responded. "I don’t know. Maybe next time I see her, shall I ask?" Darren McGrady, former personal chef to the 92-year-old has previously shared that the Queen is not the most experimental eater. He told The Telegraph: "No starch is the rule. No potatoes, rice or pasta for dinner. Just usually something like grilled sole with vegetables and salad."