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PETE DAVIDSON IS DATING AGAIN? Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson is dating actress Margaret Qualley, Us Weekly reports. "They've been seeing each other for a couple of months and Margaret is really excited about him," a source tells Us, adding that they will make their red carpet debut at the Venice Film Festival. Qualley has a role in Seberg, which bows at the Fest Friday. Davidson was most recently linked to Kate Beckinsale. The pair split after four months together in May.

LUANN DE LESSEPS COMPLETES PROBATION: Real Housewives of New York star Luann de Lesseps is off probation. "The maximum expiration date of Luann de Lesseps probation period expires today, August 28, 2019," the Department of Probation shared with E! News. "The New York City Department of Probation will inform Florida as legally required." The Bravo star will continue her cabaret show and film a new season of Real Housewives.

BRAD PITT, SOFIA RICHIE HIT VENICE: Stars are flocking to the 2019 Venice Film Festival for a few days of fashion, film and parties. Sofia Richie and Jasmine Sanders were spotted out and about on Wednesday, then again ahead of a screening of La Vérité (The Truth). Brad Pitt was also spotted, and many other stars are expected to descend.

PROFESSOR MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY? Alright, alright, alright! Matthew McConaughey is now a professor of practice at the University of Texas at Austin's Moody College of Communication, E! News reports. The 49-year-old actor will join the department of Radio-Television-Film, where he'll continue his work as the Script to Screen instructor.

ARTEM CHIGVINTSEV TALKS GETTING CUT FROM DANCING WITH THE STARS: Artem Chigvintsev says he was devastated when he was cut from the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars. The pro-dancer appeared on his girlfriend Nikki Bella's podcast, The Bellas, Wednesday, and said: "I don't know where to begin, to be honest with you. Obviously, it was a massive shock. Having those calls is never, never, never fun." Bella is furious with the ABC show herself. "They've had these dancers on hold since March. And they don't give them compensation for it. They've been all unemployed since March," she said. "That made me really upset, because how do you put people on hold and then cut them last minute? … Now all the fall gigs are booked, and that part to me was so unfair." Season 28 of Dancing with the Stars premieres Sept. 16 on ABC.

DUANE ‘DOG' CHAPMAN TALKS WEIGHT LOSS: Duane "Dog" Chapman tells Page Six that he lost 17 pounds in the weeks following his wife Beth Chapman's death in June because he couldn't eat. "I'm a little faster now because weight slows you down," he told Page Six. "I want to maintain this weight, maybe a little bit more, but it's helped my health. I can feel it."

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LORI LOUGHLIN AND MOSSIMO GIANNULLI TO PRESENT UNITED FRONT: Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli are facing their court challenges together, according to court documents, People reports. The pair are being repped by lawyers from the same firm. "Giannulli and Loughlin are innocent of the charges brought against them and are eager to clear their names," the documents state. "And they believe their interests will be advanced most effectively by presenting a united front against the Government's baseless accusations." They will next appear in court on August 27th, and are expected to waive their rights to separate attorneys.

JOHNNY DEPP CLAIMS AMBER HEARD ‘PUT A CIGARETTE OUT' ON HIS CHEEK: Johnny Depp is now claiming that Amber Heard "put a cigarette out" on his cheek during a 2015 fight in Australia. The allegation was revealed in an amended response that is part of Depp's libel lawsuit against The Sun, which he says referred to him as a "wife beater" in a 2018 article. The documents reportedly claim that after a fight, Heard threw a bottle at him when his "hand was resting on the marble top of the bar, the bottle smashed against his finger, severing the top of his finger and fracturing multiple bones in it. Ms. Heard then put a cigarette out on Depp's right cheek."

SNOOKI CLAPS BACK AFTER SHARING A SHOT OF HERSELF FEEDING NEWBORN WHILE DRINKING WINE: The mom-shamers came for Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi after she shared a photo of herself bottle-feeding her eight-week-old-son Angelo while sipping wine. When the critics shared their thoughts, she said: "You're not a mom. I allow myself to have a few glasses once a week to stay sane with three kids. I do what's necessary to clean my milk for my baby. Let a mawma live and keep being 17."

WENDY WILLIAMS' BIOPIC TO FOCUS ON SEX, DRUGS, RAPE: TMZ reports that the forthcoming biopic on Wendy Williams, dubbed Just Wendy, will document her life from 10 to 55, and cover everything from her struggles with drugs, fat-shaming and a never-before-told story of date rape. It will also detail her marriage to former manager and estranged husband Kevin Hunter.

ANNE HATHAWAY TALKS PREGNANCY STRUGGLES: Anne Hathaway may have a picture-perfect life, but she admits that behind-the-scenes, it's anything but. While sharing the happy news of her second pregnancy on Instagram last week, she alluded to fertility struggles. ET caught up with her this weekend and Hathaway confessed: "It's not always a straight line. There is a one-sided narrative to this, and of course it's wonderful that we celebrate the happy moment when it's ready to share. I think there is a silence around the moments before that and they are not all happy, and in fact a lot of them are quite painful. I think that pain is that these women feel like we're the only ones going through it." She added: "I just knew that somewhere my announcement was going to make somebody feel worse about themselves because -- and it wouldn't be their fault that that happened -- you just can't help it when you want something so bad and it feels like it's happening to everyone else but you. And I just wanted that person to know that they're included in my story too and that my story didn't just have happy moments too."

SARAH HYLAND STALKS INSTA TOO: Don't feel so bad about your weird social media obsessions, Sarah Hyland is right there with you. The Modern Family star confesses that since getting engaged to Wells Adams, she's been "stalking" wedding and bridal accounts. In Instagram Stories, she joked: "I'm totally not lying in bed stalking wedding and bridal Instagram accounts while watching Say Yes to the Dress." Hyland added, "No not me. I'm not doing that. What are you talking about."

TARYN MANNING SLAMS CAST-MATES, THEN SAYS SHE WAS HACKED: A day after the final season of Orange of the New Black hit Netflix, one of its stars, Taryn Manning, seemed to lash out against her fellow cast-mates. In an Instagram post, the 40-year-old wrote that the "show hurt me more than anything has in my life" and said that "not one cast member cares about me." Manning did not name OITNB, she made reference to the Netflix series. "I have to speak out before anything happens to me. F— fame! This show hurt humans. You will never truly know but many were hurt!" On Sunday, she revealed: "My account was so epically hacked. I am back in and I am sorry."

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MEGHAN MARKLE AND PRINCE HARRY ANNOUNCES OFFICIAL AFRICA TOUR: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex confirmed yesterday (June 27th) that they will be touring Africa this fall. In a post on their @SussexRoyal Instagram page, they also hinted that their son Archie will be joining them. They wrote, "This will be their first official tour as a family!" They will visit the country of South Africa, with Prince Harry also making stops in Malawi and Angola. He’ll also do a "short working visit in Botswana on route to the other countries." The couple added, "The Duke and Duchess are really looking forward to meeting so many of you on the ground and continuing to raise awareness of the high impact work local communities are doing across the commonwealth and beyond."

BETH CHAPMAN WILL BE CREMATED: According to E! Online, Beth Chapman will be cremated, per her final wishes. Her attorney said in a statement, "There will be memorial services in Hawaii and Colorado. The details are still being finalized." Meanwhile, A&E will air "In memoriam" tributes to the reality star during their airing of Dog The Bounty Hunter on Monday (July 1st). Chapman passed on Wednesday (June 26th) after a long struggle with lung cancer. She was 51.

NAOMI CAMPBELL SAYS SHE CAN GO DAYS WITHOUT EATING: In an interview with the UK Talk Show Lorraine, Naomi Campbell admitted that she can go days without eating. She explained, "I eat when I feel like it. I don’t starve myself. If I want to do a day of just not eating, I do it and just do water or juice. Depends how I feel." She continued,"In the heat, sometimes I don’t , I just want to do juice. It’s too hot. never planned. It could be one day, it could be two days a week. It’s just when I feel like it." In addition to doing the Master Cleanse three times a year, she exercises and juice cleanses two or three times per week.

JAKE GYLLENHAAL IS A BIG SEAN PAUL FAN: Jake Gyllenhaal is the biggest fan of reggae star Sean Paul. In an interview with BBC Radio, a caller said that Sean Paul is "massively overrated." Gyllenhaal quickly responded, "No… just hang up on him. Sean Paul makes every song better he’s in. Absolutely… he’s a genius. There’s not a song he’s on or a remix that he’s on that isn’t good." The interviewer then plays Sean Paul's "Get Busy" and Gyllenhaal losses it. He then revealed that his favorite Sean Paul song is Sia's "Cheap Thrills."

CHIP AND JOANNA GAINES PRESENT $1.5 MILLION DONATION AND BUILD PLAYHOUSE FOR ST. JUDE: Earlier this month, Chip and Joanna Gaines presented St. Jude's Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee with a $1.5 million check and gift the St. Jude Target House with a new permanent playhouse they designed. The money will ensure that families of children with cancer never receive a bill from them for treatment, travel, housing or food.

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CHRIS PRATT AND KATHERINE SCHWARZENEGGER HONEYMOON IN HAWAII: Newlyweds Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger are currently honeymooning in Hawaii -- two weeks after tying the knot. According to People, before heading to Hawaii, the two spent time with their family, including Pratt's six-year-old son Jack on Father's Day.

MANDY MOORE ALMOST QUIT ACTING BEFORE 'THIS IS US': Mandy Moore has revealed that she almost gave up on acting before landing her starring role on NBC's This Is Us. During a panel with co-star Susan Kelechi Watson at Popsugar Play/Ground this past weekend, she said, "I contemplated, I was like, ‘I think this is it. I think this is the universe giving me a sign that maybe this is not what I’m supposed to be doing … Maybe I’m not supposed to be an actor anymore like, I’ve been incredibly lucky, I’ve had this really fruitful time earlier in my life and maybe now I’m supposed to lean into something else.’" She continued, "I think at the end of the day when I did dig deep I was like this acting is all, there was no plan B for me personally, this is just that period of building. It’s that period where I know I’m going to need this as fodder and fuel for … when I see the light again."

IS WENDY WILLIAMS MOVING TO LA?: Reports say that Wendy Williams has been considering moving to Los Angeles after her split from husband Kevin Hunter. According to the Straight Shuter: Naughty But Nice podcast, Wendy wants a fresh start. Host Rob Shuter said, "New York will always be associated with her ex, Kevin. Wendy wants to start over and is talking about picking up her show and moving it to LA." He continued, "Wendy loved her recent trip to California and is convinced the show will get better guests if it moves out west. She wants to be far away from Kevin so he can’t just show up at the studio. Security guards at the show have been told to not allow Kevin in the building under any circumstances."

RYAN REYNOLDS WRITES SPOOF REVIEW FOR HIS NEW GIN: Ryan Reynolds took to Amazon under a fake name to give a review on his new gin. Under the fake name Champ Nightengale, he wrote about Aviation Gin, he wrote this past weekend, "As soon as I tried the Gin I knew right away, it was amazing. It was the smoothest Gin I’d ever tried and went down really easily…I had a lot." He continued, "When I woke up the next day, I mentioned to my wife Linda that last night must have been a REAL blowout because I slept in my clothes. Even my shoes! I also noticed it was really hard to look out the window at the Seattle skyline. Partly because of the bright sun (I’ve always been sensitive to light) but also because I don’t live in Seattle. I live in Coral Gables, Florida. Also, it’s important to note, until that morning, I’d never met anyone named Linda." He later admitted that he wrote the review himself.

CUBA GOODING, JR. SAYS GROPING ACCUSER HAS A 'WARPED MENTAL STATE': According to TMZ, Cuba Gooding, Jr. wants the D.A. to drop all charges against him for the alleged groping incident since the acccuser's own words show that she has a "warped mental state." The actor's attorneys filed a motion to dismiss the featured several quotes from the accuser discussing her mental health -- which was taken from a blog. The blog posts, allegedly from the accuser, include lines like, "I got diagnosed with depression, ADHD, Anxiety Disorder, and PTSD and basically learned that my brain was one big fat mass." The attorney's also pointed out what they believe are factual inconsistencies on the part of the accuser, including getting her story mixed up, different time accounts, and a lack of conclusive video evidence, as well as an alleged screwup in the way NYPD investigated the matter. A judge hasn't ruled yet, a hearing is scheduled for Wednesday (June 26th).

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KATHY GRIFFIN TOASTS MOM’S 99th: Kathy Griffin celebrated her mother’s 99th birthday by remembering happier times. Earlier this year, the comedian said that her mother, Maggie, is suffering from dementia. "Today is my mother Maggie’s 99th Birthday. I spoke with her yesterday and, unfortunately, I’m sorry to say her dementia is worsening," Kathy wrote on Twitter, sharing an old red carpet photo of the mother-daughter pair. "Here’s a fun picture to celebrate happier times."

DID SOPHIE TURNER HAVE A POST-WEDDING BACHELORETTE PARTY? Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas may have gotten married after the Billboard Awards in Vegas, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have a girls’ weekend! Fans speculate that the luxe weekend Turner and her friends, including GOT alum Maisie Williams, enjoyed in Spain was actually a bachelorette party. The ladies enjoyed a private jet, time at the spa, and of course, time at the pool.

MARK HAMILL TALKS GETTING FIRED: Everyone’s been fired once, even Mark Hamill. The Star Wars icon opened up on Late Late Show With James Corden opened up about working at Jack in the Box in Hollywood when he was an up-and-comer. "I was always trying to find the theatrical aspects of it," Hamill said of the fast good gig. "I was in the back all the time, making shakes and manning the grill, and I always aspired to work the drive-thru window. The one chance I had at it — it never occurred to me to not be in character." His manager was not thrilled by his version of the Jack in the Box mascot at the window: "My manager didn't think it was very funny. He told me to go home and never come back. I got fired. Fired! For being in character!"

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TONY AWARD NOMS ANNOUNCED: Downtown musical Hadestown topped the Tony Awards nominations with 14 this year, with the more traditional jukebox musical Ain’t Too Proud coming in with 12. Tootie snagged 11, The Ferryman landed 9 and Beetlejuice grabbed 8. Observers say the biggest shock was the shutting out of To Kill a Mockingbird and Network in the Best Play category. Deadline called it "the single biggest Tony snub in years, if not decades."

GOT RATINGS UP: The third episode of the final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones boasted a near record viewership. The Miguel Sapochnik-directed "The Long Night" is the longest episode so far at 82 minutes, and it snagged 12.02 million viewers. The all-time high for GOT viewership was 12.07 million, on the Season 7 finale.

WILL LAURA DERN APPEAR IN JURASSIC PARK 3? Laura Dern, 52, addressed rumors that her character Dr. Ellie Satler will appear in the third Jurassic Park. She told ET: "I mean, I love Dr. Ellie Satler so I could never say no to that on any level. But I really don't know, I don't even know what they're cooking up yet." Both Chris Pratt, the current leading man of Jurassic Park, and her co-star from the original, Jeff Goldblum, want her to return. Pratt told ET last June: "Any way she wants to come in would be amazing."

SONY SNAGS FRANKIE: The Cannes Film Festival will kick off in a few weeks, but the deals have already started to land. Sony Pictures Classics has boarded Frankie, directed by Ira Sachs, before it makes it world premiere. Frankie stars Isabelle Hupper, Greg Kinnear, Marisa Tomei and Brendan Gleeson, and follows three generations of a European family who come together in Sintra, Portugal for one last party before the family matriarch faces the end of her life.

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ROGER MATHEWS REACTS TO EX JWOWW’S BF: Amid a tough divorce battle that has included allegations of abuse, Jersey Shore star Roger Mathews is taking the high road on Jenni "JWoww" Farley’s new boyfriend. Shortly after the 33-year-old Farley broke the news that she’s dating a 24-year-old mystery man, Mathews told Page Six that she’s been seeing the guy for "a few months" and that he’s a "good friend of her little brother." And the two seem to be getting on better … they even spent Easter together and shared happy-looking pics from the day on social media.

STEFANIE SHERK DIES AT 37: Stefanie Sherk, the model and wife of actor Demian Bichir, has died at 37. The Oscar nominee shared the sad news on Instagram. "It has been the saddest and toughest time of our lives and we don’t know how much time it will take for us to overcome this pain," Bichir, 55, wrote beneath a photo of the model. "It is our sincerest hope that our beautiful Stefanie, my angel and love of my life, will rest in eternal peace." Her cause of death was suicide by drowning, according to documents obtained by The Blast.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN ON SCOTT DISICK: For those who were thinking their love story was over and done with forever, guess again. Kourtney Kardashian low-key reveals that her ex and the father of her children Scott Disick are soul mates. In a clip of Sunday’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kourtney discusses an experience she had with a healer in Bali: "Scott came in, and the guy was basically saying that in a past life that we were together, and that we're soulmates. So he was like 'You have to decide if you want to be together or not be together.'" And then … she smiled mysteriously.

SALMA HAYEK SHOWS OFF SECRET INK: Actress Salma Hayek gave fans a look at a selfie of her "secret tattoo" on Instagram with a caption that reads, "A little peek of #soniakincaid secret tattoo!" The 52-year-old is starring in the upcoming The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard.

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FIRST LOOK AT AVENGERS: ENDGAME IS POSITIVE: Avengers: Endgame is set to drop this weekend, and the film will wrap up the plot lines for the Marvel Universe’s previous 22 films. The film premiered in L.A. Monday, and while attendees didn’t spill any spoilers, they did seem pretty psyched—and emotional—after the film. Angie J. Han tweeted that the film "is an immensely satisfying payoff, not just to Infinity War but to all the films that came before. This is why the MCU. (And I say this as someone who was not especially enamored of Infinity War, FWIW.)" Rob Keyes echoed the sentiment, tweeting: "Just watched Avengers: Endgame. I don’t believe hyperbole is possible for this movie. It is the ultimate Marvel movie in every way possible and words cannot describe how epic it is. And yes, Hawkeye is a rockstar." Do you have your movie ticket yet?

SHAZAM STAR ZACHARY LEVI TO HOST 2019 MTV MOVIE & TV AWARDS: The MTV Movie & TV Awards will be hosted by Zachary Levi, the titular crimefighter in DC’s Shazam! on June 17th. The 38-year-old has big shoes to fill; formers hosts include Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Amy Schumer and most recently, Tiffany Haddish.

BOB SAGET DOESN’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY ABOUT LORI LOUGHLIN: Bob Saget admits that he doesn’t quite know what to make of his former Full House co-star Lori Loughlin’s alleged involvement in the college admissions scandal, but does tell the Today Show that it has been a "strange time." He adds that he loves her, and says he hasn’t talked to her since her arrest in March. Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli have pleaded not guilty.

EMILIA CLARKE GIFTS WORLD WITH GOT FAMILY PORTRAIT: Emilia Clarke captioned a photo featuring herself and Game of Thrones co-star Kit Harington, "The family portrait" on Instagram, alluding to their incestuous relationship (she’s his aunt) on the hit HBO show. She told EW of their relationship: "The related thing, to her, is so normal. She could have easily married her brother. It's not a thing. It's a thing for Jon, but let's just forget about that. The main thing is we're up for the same promotion and I've been working for it for my entire existence. This is my whole existence. Since birth! Dany literally was brought into this world going: RUN! These f--kers in Westeros have f--ked everything up. Now it's, ‘You're our only hope.' There's so much she's taken on in her duty in life to rectify. There's so much she's seen and witnessed and been through and lost and suffered and hurt to get here … and Jon doesn't even want it!"

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ASHEY JUDD TALKS ABORTION: Ashley Judd is speaking out about her decision to have an abortion after being raped. At Tina Brown's 10th annual Women in the World Summit on Thursday, the 50-year-old says that she was the victim of incest and sexual assault. "As everyone knows, and I'm very open about it, I'm a three-time rape survivor. And one of the times I was raped, there was conception, and I'm very thankful I was able to access safe and legal abortion," Judd said. "Because that rapist, who is a Kentucky-ian, as am I, and I reside in Tennessee, has paternity rights in Kentucky and Tennessee. I would have had to co-parent with a rapist." She also discussed Harvey Weinstein, who she has also accused of rape. (He denies the allegations). "I told the story of Harvey's sexual harassment of me the moment after it happened," Judd recalled at the Women in the World Summit. "My dad was with me and I came down to the hotel lobby and he still says to this day that he could tell from the look on my face that something devastating had happened…I told everybody about it, but no one was able or willing to listen. That was in June 1996."

AMBER HEARD DETAILS ALLEGED JOHNNY DEPP ABUSE IN COURT FILINGS: Amber Heard and Johnny Depp may have divorced in May of 2016, but they are still getting into fights about who abused whom in court. In the latest harrowing filing, Heard details abuse she suffered at Depp’s hands, Page Six reports. Filed in response to a $50 million defamation suit he filed against her, she said that "About a year into our relationship, I began to witness Johnny abusing drugs and alcohol … On some occasions, when Johnny simultaneously used both illegal narcotics and prescription medications I have had to get him medical attention. Whenever he was using, I worried for both of us. He would become a totally different person, often delusional and violent." She continued: "Johnny often would not remember his delusional and violent conduct after he came out of his drunk or medicated states. … Because I loved Johnny, I had believed his multiple promises that he could and would get better. I was wrong."

THE OLSEN TWINS TO SELL CLOTHING LINE IN … KOHLS? Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been designing the super high-end The Row for years, and now they’re giving the rest of us a taste of the chic life. They are set to bring their contemporary brand Elizabeth and James exclusively to Kohl’s later this year. "Kohl’s is doing a great job with innovation and thinking differently about omnichannel retail. We have always seen Elizabeth and James speaking to a much larger audience and this new business model with Kohl’s will allow us to achieve that," Ashley explained in a statement. "Mary-Kate and I are excited to work with them building out additional lifestyle categories and curating spaces that will bring a new shopping experience to our customer."

ANDERSON COOPER SAYS ANDY COHEN’S BABY GIVES HIM SIDE EYE: Anderson Cooper opened up about being an uncle to his bestie Andy Cohen’s newborn son Benjamin on Wednesday’s Late Night Stephen Colbert. The 51-year-old joked: "He's got this side eye look, he's very judgy. In general, I think babies are very judgy, but he's particularly judgmental." Colbert chimed in, "He's looking at you like, 'Who's this bookish lumberjack?'"

EMMY ROSSUM’S NEXT GIG IS: Developing scripted content! The Shameless star shocked fans when she left the Showtime hit, but now Emmy Rossum seems ready to star in and exec produce scripted series. The first project will be NBCUniversal’s Angelyne, written by Nancy Oliver (Lars and the Real Girl) and inspired by features in The Hollywood Reporter about a mysterious billboard model in L.A. Her husband Sam Esmail is set to produce as well. "Emmy is an amazing talent and a force of nature. Over this past year we have had the pleasure of working closely with her as a producer and know firsthand that her talents know no bounds. We are lucky to have this triple threat in our family," UCP and Wilshire Studios president Dawn Olmstead told THR in a statement.

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LEONARDO DICAPRIO BACKED COMPANY ACCUSED OF LYING: Diamond Foundry, which is backed by Leonardo DiCaprio, is in hot water for using misleading language to advertise its products online, per Page Six. The Federal Trade Commission is accusing the company of leading consumers to believe the diamonds they’re buying are natural, as opposed to lab-grown. In a letter, the FTC notes "several Instagram and Twitter advertisements depict or reference diamond jewelry without clearly and conspicuously disclosing that the diamonds are laboratory-created."

TIFFANY HADDISH EXPLAINS NYE MISHAP: As fans may recall, Tiffany Haddish’s New Year’s Eve show did not go off as planned. She later apologized, tweeting: "Yes this happened. I wish it was better Miami...I prayed on it and I have a strong feeling this will never happened again." She gave Jimmy Kimmel the full deal on Live! Tuesday night, confessing that she’d gone out and partied way too hard the night before. "I danced all night. I drank more than I've ever drank in my entire life," Haddish described. "I woke up. I thought I was dead. I definitely woke up dead."

LENA DUNHAM GETS ‘SICK’ TATTOO: Lena Dunham is "sick," and now everyone will know. The Girls creator posted on Instagram shot on Tuesday of her latest tattoo; it reads "sick," and is inked in cursive rope across the back of her neck. "Sometimes the thing you’re most scared of being called is the best thing you can call yourself," Dunham wrote in the caption. In Stories, she also shoed off the names of her parents (Tip and Laurie), written in cursive inside the pointer and middle finger of her left hand.

AMANDA STANTON AND BOYFRIEND ON BREAK: Former Bachelor contestant Amanda Stanton is hitting pause on her romance with Bobby Jacobs. The pair have been together for about a year and have decided to take some space, E! reports. "Amanda Stanton and Bobby Jacobs are taking some space in their relationship," the insider tells E! News. "They are still technically together as a couple and recently moved in together, but Bobby isn't staying at their new shared home right now."

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KATE MIDDLETON GETS BACK TO SCOUTING ROOTS: Kate Middleton visited the Scouts’ HQ on the outskirts of London Thursday, and while she was there, the mother of three climbed into a den built against a tree with a little girl. "It’s very waterproof in here," the 37-year-old royal said as she hunched down. "Wouldn’t be a visit to Gilwell Park without a bit of den building," the Scouts captioned the image on Twitter, adding the hashtag #SkillsForLife. Kate was a Brownie herself as a girl, so she should know.

KATIE HOLMES AND JAMIE FOXX SPOTTED OUT AND ABOUT: Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were spotted out on a romantic walk in Central Park, People reports. While they were first linked in 2013, they have chosen to keep their romance out of the spotlight.

KATE BECKINSALE IS BACK ON INSTAGRAM: After purging her account amid criticisms of her new romance with Pete Davidson, Kate Beckinsale has rejoined Instagram. Her first post featured herself standing in front a plant. She captioned it: "Back to business . Also this is not a plant it is a painfully attached tail."

COLTON HAYNES TALKS SOBRIETY: Colton Haynes, 30, is opening up about his newfound sobriety. "In 10 years, there were maybe 25 days I didn’t drink," Haynes told Attitude Magazine. "I remember when I started, it was a couple glasses of wine, and it regressed into really dark times." When he came out as gay in 2016, he said it spiraled out of control; then his mother died, and he announced his divorce from husband Jeff Leatham. "I got married and that didn’t work out. That was extremely public and heart-breaking, and right when that was going on, my mom died," he said. "At that point, I fell apart. My brain broke. I was doing a massive comedy for a studio, showed up to work and got fired on the first day. They said I looked as if I had ‘dead in my eyes’, and I did." He said he hit rock-bottom after a seven-day bender, and now that he has recovered, he said he is ready to speak out and end the "stigma" of addiction.

ANDREA NEVADO ON JANE THE VIRGIN’S LEGACY: Andrea Navedo, 41, recently discussed how she believes Jane the Virgin has had an impact on the culture at large. Navedo tells ET that she thinks her character has helped dismantle Latina stereotypes: "I'm really proud of the journey that Xo has had over the five seasons. And I'm really proud of Jennie Urman and all the writers who have decided to take on a female character who can easily be made stereotypical and make her have a lot of layers, a lot of depth and make her human. She's not just a one-note, sexy, beautiful Latina woman who... that's all she does. She's so much more than that." She continued: "She's a mom. She's always been a dedicated, hardworking mom. She's an aspiring artist. She's always had to deal with some real-life situations like having an illness. I love that fact that they have taken that on."

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