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With a month to go before the awards show, ABC Entertainment president Karey Burke announced that the 2020 Oscars will be host-free again. ABC will broadcast.

Last year, Kevin Hart was set to host but pulled out after he was dragged for previous homophobic tweets. The show went on without a host, a first since 1989. Interestingly, ratings for that year actually bucked the downward trend for awards shows, and went up 13% in the eagerly sought-after 18-49 demo, and 12% in viewership overall.

"We expect that we're going to have a very commercial set of nominations and a lot of incredible elements have come together that make us think we are going to have a very entertaining show again," Burke said.

The 2020 Oscars will air live from the Dolby Theater in Hollywood on Sunday, February 9, on ABC at 5 p.m. PT / 8 p.m. ET.

The nominees will be announced on Monday, January 13.

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The third day of Harvey Weinstein's rape trial was as bizarre and dramatic as the first two. The disgraced movie mogul's legal team filed a motion asking Judge James Burke to step down after he threatened to throw Weinstein in jail the day before over his cell phone use.

"We write to seek recusal of Your Honor from this case based on the prejudicial and inflammatory comments made by the Court to Mr. Weinstein yesterday morning, which received widespread press attention," reads the motion, obtained by USA TODAY.

Here's what Burke said Tuesday: "Mr. Weinstein, I could not implore you more to not answer the following question. Is this really the way that you want to land up in jail for the rest of your life? By texting in violation of a court order? Is it?"

His lawyers claim that Burke's criticism reflects his "animus" toward Weinstein and have "created a situation in which the Court's 'impartiality might reasonably be questioned,' in violation of New York State's Rules of Judicial Conduct."


Also on Wednesday, Burke shot down a motion by Weinstein's team requesting that attorney Gloria Allred be barred from court as she may be called to be a witness. She also represents several of Weinstein's accusers.

Burke said: "The court is not going to exclude her because while it is possible, it is unlikely that she would be called as an impeachment witness," meaning she would be called to testify as a means to question the credibility of a witness. Even so, he said, "there would be no actual harm for impeaching her. She may remain; she will certainly be on the witness list."

Weinstein is accused of five sex crimes with two women in N.Y. On the day his trial in N.Y. kicked off, he was formally charged with crimes, including rape, against two women in L.A.

The jury selection process for the trial is expected to last until at least January 21st.

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Who's ready for some #SponCon battles on Twitter? The answer, once again, appears to be Khloe Kardashian. The reality star is under fire yet again for promoting a diet shake on social media, with fans dragging her and tagging one of her most famous detractors, Jameela Jamil.

Wrote one: "It's 2020 we are leaving diet fads in 2019. Loving our bodies the way they are while working out and being kind to them are what we're gonna do in 2020, not force ourselves into dark thoughts with our bodies."

Another critics tweeted: "Reminder that most peoples' tummies shouldn't be flat so if yours isn't flat you are completely normal and you don't have to go ‘back' to anything because that's just not how your organs work!!!! Also our tummies won't be flat once we eat this entire family".

The last time Kardashian promoted the shakes, The Good Place star Jamil wrote on social: "If you're too irresponsible to: a) own up to the fact that you have a personal trainer, nutritionist, probable chef, and a surgeon to achieve your aesthetic, rather than this laxative product...And b) tell them the side effects of this NON-FDA approved product, that most doctors are saying aren't healthy ... then I guess I have to."

TBD if she'll weigh in again this time.

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KATE BECKINSALE DENIES MACHINE GUN KELLY ROMANCE: Kate Beckinsale is responding to rumors that she and Machine Gun Kelly, her ex Pete Davidson's bestie, are a thing. The 46-year-old responded to a follower on Instagram who brought it up, writing: "why don't you worry about things that are actually happening and donate to the Australian wild fires rather than waste your time on things that are not happening and never were and also please get a f–king life."

ABC PLANS LIVE 'YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN,' 'CONNERS' EPISODE: ABC will be airing a live musical production of Young Frankenstein and a live episode of The Conners. ABC has yet to cast Frankenstein, which is based on the Broadway adaptation of the 1974 Mel Brooks film. Brooks himself is producing the show, which will air in the fall. The live Conners episode will air on February 11th, incorporating the first presidential primary happening that night in New Hampshire into the story line.

SLICK WOODS SHARES TERRIFYING ANECDOTE: Model Slick Woods recently had a health scare, and she shared her story with followers on social media. The 23-year-old explains that she had a seizure in the middle of the night and could have died if friend Cheyenne Ceasar hadn't been there. "Now that I'm feeling a million times better and walking again thanks @cheyalli for saving my life during an unexpected seizure in the middle of the night, man there's so many people going through way worse #staygoofy," she wrote. In November, she revealed she had cancer and was undergoing chemo.

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Jennifer Lopez’s Production Company Sued for $40 Million by Stripper Who Inspired “Hustlers”

Jennifer Lopez’s Production Company Sued for $40 Million by Stripper Who Inspired “Hustlers” Once a hustler, always a hustler! The Blast reports that the real-life inspiration for Jennifer Lopez’s character in <i>Hustlers</i> is now suing the star’s production company for $40 million for allegedly defaming her by using her likeness …

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Rob Kardashian Wants Primary Custody of Daughter Dream After Blac Chyna Taught Her Cursing & “Naked Twerking”

Rob Kardashian Wants Primary Custody of Daughter Dream After Blac Chyna Taught Her Cursing & “Naked Twerking” Rob Kardashian is reportedly making legal moves against baby mama Blac Chyna after she taught their daughter Dream some bad-girl habits. In legal documents, 32-year-old Rob claims that 3-year-old Dream has performed “naked …

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Cameron Diaz Has No Plans for a Nanny, Wants to “Spend Every Second” With Newborn Daughter

Cameron Diaz Has No Plans for a Nanny, Wants to “Spend Every Second” With Newborn Daughter <i>People</i> reports that Cameron Diaz is diving into full-time motherhood with no plans to hire professional help. Sources tell the outlet that the 47-year-old actress and husband Benji Madden haven’t brought on a nanny …

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Billie Eilish, Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani to Perform at 2020 Grammy Awards

Billie Eilish, Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani to Perform at 2020 Grammy Awards Billie Eilish has announced she’ll be performing at the 2020 Grammy Awards later this month. “Watch Billie perform at the 2020 #GRAMMYs on January 26,” the 18-year-old’s official Twitter account tweeted early Wednesday. Pitchfork notes that it’s …

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Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston Aren’t Romantic, Just Friendly

Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston Aren’t Romantic, Just Friendly Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston both attended Sunday’s Golden Globes, and whispers about a possible romantic reunion fizzled out after the two didn’t speak during the ceremony. However, TMZ reports they “did exchange greetings and pleasantries at the after-party they both …

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Tame Impala Drops “Lost in Yesterday” Off Upcoming Album “Slow Rush”

Tame Impala Drops “Lost in Yesterday” Off Upcoming Album “Slow Rush” On Tuesday, Tame Impala shared another track off its upcoming album <i>Slow Rush</i>. <i>Rolling Stone</i> calls “Lost in Yesterday” a “disco-tinged song” on which frontman Kevin Parker “considers the effect of time on memories.” It’s the fourth track he’s …

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Taylor Swift to Receive Vanguard Award at 31st Annual GLAAD Media Awards

Taylor Swift to Receive Vanguard Award at 31st Annual GLAAD Media Awards Taylor Swift will be recognized at this year’s GLAAD Media Awards for her work promoting LGBTQ acceptance.<i> ET</i> reports that the 30-year-old pop star will receive the organization’s Vanguard Award, handed out annually to “allies who have made a …

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“Project Runway” Designer Who Shaded Karlie Kloss for Marrying a Kushner Is Now Selling Shirts About It

“Project Runway” Designer Who Shaded Karlie Kloss for Marrying a Kushner Is Now Selling Shirts About It The <i>Project Runway</i> contestant who dinged Karlie Kloss for marrying Jared Kushner’s brother Josh this week is now selling t-shirts with his shade-throwing quote. <i>People</i> reports that Tyler Neasloney has designed a black t-shirt that …

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Gwyneth Paltrow “Adores” Ex-Husband Chris Martin’s Girlfriend, Dakota Johnson

Gwyneth Paltrow “Adores” Ex-Husband Chris Martin’s Girlfriend, Dakota Johnson So how does Gwyneth Paltrow really feel about ex-husband Chris Martin’s girlfriend, Dakota Johnson? “I love her,” Paltrow says in a new interview with <i>Harper’s Bazaar</i>. “I can see how it would seem weird because it’s sort of unconventional. But I …

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Elton John Announces $1 Million Donation to Australia Bush Fire Relief Effort

Elton John Announces $1 Million Donation to Australia Bush Fire Relief Effort On Tuesday, Elton John announced his intention to donate a million dollars to Australian bush fire relief efforts, according to CNN. The star, who is on his <i>Farewell, Yellow Brick Road</i> tour, announced his donation during his Sydney concert. …

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“Ugly Betty” Stars Mourn Death of Show Creator Silvio Horta at 45 of Suspected Suicide

“Ugly Betty” Stars Mourn Death of Show Creator Silvio Horta at 45 of Suspected Suicide <i>Ugly Betty </i>creator Silvio Horta was found dead in a Miami motel room Tuesday in an apparent suicide, <i>Variety</i> reports. He was 45. His agent confirmed his death, which sources say came from  a self-inflicted gunshot wound. …

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Followers are wondering if Kylie Jenner is thinking clearly after she posted a story about the tragic death of more than half a billion animals in Australia due to the raging bushfires … then posted a story about her fabulous mink slippers.

Wrote one observer: "i don't understand how Kylie Jenner can post about the poor animals dying in the Australian fires and then two snaps later post a picture of her wearing real mink fur shoes".

Another, who shared a pic of the Joker, wrote: "kylie jenner really thought she was doing something when she posted being heart broken about half a billion animals dying in the australia fires and then proceeded to post a picture of her louis vuitton real mink fur slippers".

The Kardashians and Jenners have been dragged this week for what many see as their non-response to the fires in face of mass suffering and devastation. Kim Kardashian responded to critics saying they had donated, but hadn't publicized the news.

Khloe also lashed out after commenters dragged her for wearing fur on Halloween and posting about the brushfires. Khloe wrote: "I am wearing a Halloween costume. It's not real fur. But keep spreading your vile hate instead of focusing on real issues. Why must people assume and attack others so quickly? You have some clear frustrations darling and they are completely misdirected. My advice to you would be, don't attack people in general. But if you choose to waste your energy on attacking a complete stranger, then at least know all of your information prior. Happy 2020."

While Jenner hasn't responded to the criticism, she did change a caption of another recent shot from "find ur fire" to "night out" after getting roasted.

Meanwhile, many other celebs, including Chris Hemsworth, Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban, Rihanna and Pink have donated and have used their platforms to urge their followers to do the same.

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The Bachelorette alumna Hannah Brown shocked and rocked Bachelor Nation by showing up Monday night at the season premiere of Peter Weber's The Bachelor. The Alabama native stepped out of the limo to return the pilot wings he gave her during season 15 of The Bachelorette.

Then she popped up again to help plan a group date and dish on the infamous windmill incident with Weber. Then that's when things took a turn for the cray.

Weber saw Brown sobbing in a back room and went in to comfort her. As they talked and rehashed her ill-fated decision to ask out runner-up Tyler Cameron after breaking things off with her chosen one Jed Wyatt upon learning of his relationship with another woman during his stint on The Bachelorette, Weber admitted to questioning her decisions.

Then, he asked her what she'd say if he invited her to return. "I mean, maybe," she replied. Weber confessed that despite feeling torn, he "can't stop" how his "heart feels."

Bachelor Nation had strong feelings, every which way, about these various developments.

"I love Hannah Brown," Becca Tilley wrote in part of a tweet. "I want her to be The Bachelorette again."

Evan Bass concurred. "No matter who steps outta this limo and how hard #TheBachelor tries I am still demanding a Hannah B second Bachelorette season," he tweeted with his wife, Carly Waddell, seemingly agreeing by tweeting, "Word."

Others, not so much.

"Wait we back on Hannah's season?!" Tia Booth tweeted. She also claimed, "That s--t was painful to watch. Now Peter is gonna have this on his mind the whole season."

Diggy Moreland asked, "Whose season is this again?"

Nicole Lopez-Alvar claimed she actually "did one of my giant, over-the-top, exaggerated gasps when I saw @hannahbrown pop up on my screen while I was eating my calzone and I JUST CHOKED."

"Ok, this hurts to watch now," she tweeted. "I love @hannahbrown and tbh I don't know Peter (omg Peter if you're reading this hi ignore all my tweets teehee hi) but yeah I love him too! no!! #TheBachelor."

Others wanted even more cray.

"God I want Tyler to walk in on this conversation with Peter and ask Hannah out," Nick Viall tweeted.

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Gwyneth Paltrow knows we're thirsty for details on her sex and love life, and as always, she's dishin' ‘em out!

In a February cover piece for Harper's Bazaar, the Goop founder and Oscar winner jokes that since moving in with her husband Brad Falchuk a year after they married, their "sex life is over."

The 47-year-old says friends told her not to move in with him, saying that leaving apart kept the magic: "I thought it was really interesting how resonant that was for people. One of my best friends was like, ‘That is my dream. Don't ever move in.'"

She continued, "I think it certainly helps with preserving mystery and also preserving the idea that this person has their own life. So this is something I'm trying to remain aware of now as we merge together."


Paltrow, who split from Coldplay frontman Chris Martin in 2014, but remains best friends with him, also weighed in on his current partner, Dakota Johnson.

She said: "I love her. I can see how it would seem weird because it's sort of unconventional. But I think, in this case, just having passed through it iteratively, I just adore her."

Paltrow says it's all about inclusion in her world: "I always start to think of the ampersand sign — what else can you bring in, instead of being resistant to or being made insecure by? There's so much juice in leaning in to something like that."


Speaking of exes, Paltrow is also on excellent terms with Brad Pitt, from whom she split in 1997.

Paltrow dishes: "I'm friendly with Brad Pitt. I don't have any really bad blood."

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The judge in charge of Harvey Weinstein's N.Y. rape trial turned down a bid by his lawyers to delay proceedings in wake of the new rape charges he's facing in L.A. Judge James M. Burke also scolded Weinstein for using his phone in court and threatened to throw him in jail.

He said: "Is this really the way you want to end up in jail for the rest of your life? By texting and violating a court order?"

Donna Rotunno, a defense attorney for Weinstein, suggested that the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office announced the charges on the same day of his criminal trial's commencement on purpose.

"If anyone believes" the timing was a coincidence, Rotunno said in the courtroom, "I'd like to sell them a bridge."

The 67-year-old is facing charges that he raped a woman in a Manhattan hotel in 2013 and performed a forcible sex act on another woman in 2006. More than 80 women have accused Weinstein of misconduct.


Vanity Fair sat down with Weinstein's lawyer to find out.

For starters, Rotunno has no time for what she calls political correctness.

She also predicts that women will rue the day the #MeToo movement started: "I feel that women may rue the day that all of this started when no one asks them out on a date, and no one holds the door open for them, and no one tells them that they look nice."

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JOEY KING GETS NAILED BY PATRICIA ARQUETTE'S GOLDEN GLOBE AWARD: Joey King posed with her costar Patricia Arquette after Arquette snagged a Golden Globe for her role in The Act, and ended up getting more than she bargained for. She shared on social media: "Patricia Arquette accidentally hit me in the head with her Golden Globe. That sentence will give me bragging rights for the rest of my life. @PattyArquette." She will also bear the bruises …. For a few days at least.

PARIS HILTON DEBUTS NEW BEAU: Paris Hilton is dating entrepreneur Carter Reum, E! reports. The 38-year-old love birds stepped out for the first time after the 2020 Golden Globes, attending the InStyle and Warner Bros. bash at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

KATE BECKINSALE AND MACHINE GUN KELLY? Kate Beckinsale, 46, has moved on from Pete Davidson to his good friend Machine Gun Kelly, who is 29, Page Six reports. Davidson, 26, meanwhile, has moved on with Kaia Gerber, 18.

SARAH HYLAND BOWS DOWN TO JOAQUIN PHOENIX: Sarah Hyland fangirled over Joaquin Phoenix at the Golden Globes, explaining on Instagram that she almost bowed in his presence. She confessed: "My GENUINE reaction when I realized I was standing next to Joaquin Phoenix on the red carpet. I bowed. Then he bowed. It was a thing. I'm not crying. You are."

MEGHAN KING EDMONDS TALKS CIRCUMCISION: On the debut episode of her Intimate Knowledge podcast, the Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King Edmonds revealed that she and her estranged husband Jim Edmonds decided to circumcise their twin boys Hart King and Hayes King. In retrospect though, she admits that it was "really hard for" her to have that be the decision, adding that she "was really upset by it." She adds: "What type of long-term psychological effects does this possibly have on our kids growing up through the years? And then — I'm gonna get real deep, but is this why maybe men are more aggressive? I don't know."

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Is she coming out of a vagina? Twitter is breathing into a paper bag over the poster for Gwyneth Paltrow's show, The Goop Lab, set to hit up Netflix.

Here's how Paltrow describes the show: "The Goop Lab explores the universal questions we're inherently curious about. We took the open-minded approach that we've cultivated at Goop and applied a different, visual lens with Netflix. In the process, we found new ways to answer this: How do we make the most of our lives?"

Netflix released the first trailer for the six episode shows, which, no surprise, appears to focus on sex, energy healing and psychedelic drugs. The streamer also released the official poster.

Here's how Twitter responded: "Help, I'm stuck in a vagina that has been treated to a variety of gross pseudoscientific experiments!"

And: "DESCRIPTION: ‘in gwyneth paltrow's new show, she is shrunk down like a blonde Miss Frizzle in the Magic School Bus, and every episode goes into a different vagina to leave jade eggs, crystals, and healing energies.' that's the impression i'm getting from this poster."

Plus: "This poster gives a whole new meaning to ‘What's in the box???'"

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Jennifer Aniston knows social media is obsessed with the possibility that she and Brad Pitt will rekindle their romance. Yes, they got divorced in 2005 and both have been married since, to Angelina Jolie and Justin Theroux, respectively, but ….

To kick things off, Pitt told Entertainment Tonight that he was looking forward into running into her: "I'll run into Jen, she's a good friend." Then, when he took the stage to accept an award for his work in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, he joked about how everyone's obsessed with his dating life, and a cameraperson panned to a laughing Aniston.

Then, eagle-eyed fans noticed Aniston "liking" shots of Pitt taken that night, and their collective head exploded. With joy, we think.


Meanwhile, Pitt knows everyone is obsessed with his love life. He told Marc Maron on his podcast: "I'm just like trash mag fodder. I don't know. Because of my disaster of a personal life, probably."

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Several Hollywood stars labeled President Donald Trump a threat to America and called on fellow citizens to prepare for war following the airstrike that killed one of Iran's top generals.

Officials from the Pentagon confirmed that Trump ordered the attack on General Qassem Soleimani, who they say was responsible for hundreds of deaths of American and coalition soldiers.

Rosanna Arquette likened Trump to Hitler, writing: "Hitler did the same thing."

Debra Messing mined the archives and dug up a tweet from 2012. Trump wrote at the time: "Now that Obama's poll numbers are in tailspin - watch for him to launch a strike in Libya or Iran. He is desperate."

"THERE IS A TWEET FOR EVERYTHING. #TrumpIsANationalSecurityThreat," Messing wrote.

Rob Reiner wrote: "What a horrible feeling. Having a Commander-In-Chief who you know is a Pathological Liar trying to justify striking the heart of Iran's military."

Alec Baldwin opined that Trump launched the airstrike to distract from his impeachment: "Start a war to eclipse an impeachment?"

Rose McGowan begged Iran for mercy, tweeting: "Dear #Iran, The USA has disrespected your country, your flag, your people. 52% of us humbly apologize. We want peace with your nation. We are being held hostage by a terrorist regime. We do not know how to escape. Please do not kill us. #Soleimani."

McGowan's tweet caused Trump supporters to urge her to #MoveToIran.

John Cusack, Rob Delaney, Rosie O'Donnell, Don Cheadle and Patricia Arquette also shared their alarm.

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