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Fans are not really here for Kate Beckinsale’s latest Instagram post. Beckinsale shared a candid text exchange between herself and her 20-year-old daughter, Lily Mo Sheen, whom she shares with her ex Michael Sheen.

In it, Kate candidly asks Lily if she's "doing a lot of cocaine."

"Um..? I'm doing 0 cocaine," Lily replied, calling her mother a lunatic. "I physically couldn't be doing less cocaine."

Kate then explains that she asked Lily the question because she "had a dream" she was and got "so mad."

Kate captioned it, "Worth checking in case had suddenly become soothsayer in sleep".

In another caption, since deleted, she vented about the reception the post got in the press: "Various tabloids have seized the word 'cocaine' in order to stir s**t and get everybody going. If you replaced my first text with 'Are you dating Trevor McDonald?' based on a dream, I don't think anyone would extrapolate that she was, or that I was, or that we both were."

While several fellow moms enjoyed the post, others were less excited. "Who the f**k has dreams like that" and "You have some random thoughts... and clearly looking for a hookup."

It’s not the first time Kate has gotten herself and daughter in hot water. In 2016, she revealed on Late Night With Seth Meyers that she got Lily in trouble at school by doodling on her paper.

"I was just doodling a penis and I didn't realize ... it was her homework," she shared. "So she gets in trouble for it. The teacher said, 'Lily, that's not appropriate.' And she goes, 'It was my mother.'"

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Jennifer Lawrence is opening up about her engagement to Cooke Maroney. The pair have been linked since last June, and enjoyed an engagement party a few weeks ago in Brooklyn.

She tells ET that getting engaged to Marone was an "easy decision." At the premiere for her film X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the 28-year-old gushed: "Well, he's just the best person I've ever met in my whole life."

Dark Phoenix marks Lawrence’s big return to film after announcing in February of 2018 that she was taking a break from acting.

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Jennifer Lawrence Opens Up About Engagement for 1st Time, Calls It an “Easy Decision”

Jennifer Lawrence Opens Up About Engagement for 1st Time, Calls It an “Easy Decision” Jennifer Lawrence has finally spoken out about her engagement to Cooke Maroney, telling <i>ET</i> how she knew he was “the one.” “Well, he’s just the best person I’ve ever met in my whole life,” the 28-year-old …

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Miley Cyrus Covers Reworked Nine Inch Nails Song in “Black Mirror” Episode

Miley Cyrus Covers Reworked Nine Inch Nails Song in “Black Mirror” Episode Miley Cyrus covers Nine Inch Nails–sort of–on the new season of Netflix’s dystopian sci-fi series, <i>Black Mirror. </i>Pitchfork reports that in Cyrus’ highly anticipated episode, “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too,” her character has a hit song called “On a …

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Chrissy Teigen & John Legend’s Daughter Luna Doesn’t Like Being Called “Cute”

Chrissy Teigen & John Legend’s Daughter Luna Doesn’t Like Being Called “Cute” Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s daughter Luna made it clear this week that she doesn’t like being described as “cute.” <i>Entertainment Tonight </i>reports that Teigen shared a funny video of the 3-year-old daughter saying as much on Tuesday. …

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Big Little Lies star Zoe Kravitz opened up about her challenging but exciting childhood, an eating disorder and how she finally found love in a frank conversation with British Vogue.


Kravitz, who also graces the cover of the mag, is the daughter of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz. The 30-year-old dishes on her father’s appearance at her school just as his hit "Fly Away" was topping the charts.

She jokes of her classmates, who swarmed him: "I always thought, ‘I know why I’m so excited to see him, because it’s rare for him to pick me up, but why are you all so excited?'"

Kravitz admits that growing up around rich white kids, and her tiny mother, made life tough. She says: "My mother was so beautiful and so tiny, I always felt clunky around her, and then my dad was always surrounded by supermodels… I was short, and you feel uncomfortable in your skin anyway at that age."


Kravitz says that she found love almost immediately with her fiancé Karl Glusman after a brief blip.

"I love that it wasn’t on an app and that it wasn’t on a movie set," Kravitz said. "My friend knew that I wanted to meet someone – not even to get serious, I think just to get laid, to be completely honest with you – and he brought Karl. I instantly felt something – then he turned around and started talking to the blonde girl next to him and I was like, ‘Wait, what?’ But he later told me that he was just nervous."

The second season of Big Little Lies premieres Sunday on HBO.

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PUNK’D & SINGLED OUT SET FOR REBOOT: A pair of MTV classics, dating game show Singled Out and the Ashton Kutcher-led Punk’d are being rebooted for Quibi, Jeffrey Katzenberg’s new digital venture. Each show is set for 10 minutes or less; 20 of each have been ordered. "This deal builds on MTV’s strategy of reinventing our iconic shows to reach new audiences on pioneering new platforms like Quibi," MTV President Chris McCarthy said. "We are excited to be working with Jeffrey, Doug and the Quibi team to reinvent Punk’d and Singled Out for a new generation of fans." Quibi goes live June 13th.

ANIMATED JURASSIC? An animated Jurassic Park series is roaring to live at Netflix. Camp Cretaceous will debut as part of a multi-show deal between Netflix and DreamWorks. The series will bow in 2020, with Scott Kreamer (Pinky Malinky) and Lane Lueras (Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny) in place as showrunners. The story will follow six teens experiencing life at a new adventure camp on Isla Nublar.

DEAD TO ME RENEWED: Dead to Me is set live for season 2 on Netflix. Stars Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini will return for their roles of frenemies Jen and Judy. TBD if co-star James Marsden will return.

NICKELODEON RENEWS MULTIPLE PRESCHOOL SHOWS: PAW Patrol, Bubble Guppie, Abby Hatcher and Butterbean's Café will each have new seasons on Nickelodeon, as the network continues to focus on programming for preschoolers.

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AUBREY PLAZA REVEALS SECRETS TO PETTINESS: Aubrey Plaza covers Cosmopolitan this July, and inside, the Parks and Recreation star tells readers how they can be petty. For example, to stop one reader’s sister from stealing her cloths, she says: "I guess I would say that your outfits sound like they must be really good. So, you should probably get some ugly a** clothes. Clean your closet out, and put only disgusting things in there. If she still wears them, then that's her problem."

TRACY MORGAN CRASHES $2M CAR MINUTES AFTER PURCHASE: Tracy Morgan bought a $2 million Bugati at Manhattan Motorcars and got into an accident in it just 15 minutes later, TMZ reports. (An SUV sideswiped it). The car did not sustain huge damage, the site reports. Morgan was reportedly OK, but sent to the hospital to be checked out with some minor pain. The crash comes three days shy of the 5-year anniversary of a fatal car crash he was involved in on the NJ Turnpike. He allegedly scored $90 million after a Walmart truck crashed into his limo, killed his friend and left him in critical condition.

HOW ARE BRAD PITT AND ANGELINA JOLIE DOING? After calling a ceasefire in their public war, estranged exes Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie appear to be coparenting their six children relatively peacefully. "Brad is enjoying spending more time with the kids and things have been improving with the four younger kids," a source tells Us Weekly exclusively. Pitt and Jolie became legally single in April, though they are still working out the terms of their split.

QUEER EYE STAR TAN FRANCE TALKS BLEACHING SKIN: In his new memoir Naturally Tan, Queer Eye’s Tan France admits that he once used bleaching cream to lighten his skin. "The importance of being pale is very bizarre. The people around me certainly didn’t intend to pass on this belief, but I was aware of it and affected by it just the same," wrote France, who grew up in England as the son of Pakistani immigrants. "When I was five, I remember thinking, ‘God, I’d give anything to be white. I just want to be white, I want to be white, I want to be white.’ I had been so conditioned to think that if you were white, you were automatically more attractive."

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Prince Harry joined his grandmother Queen Elizabeth for a scheduled meeting with President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump on Monday. The meeting happened shortly after Trump insisted that he had not said anything "bad" about Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle.

Over the weekend, The Sun published an interview with Trump in which he expressed surprise that Meghan had labeled him "misogynistic" and "divisive" in the lead-up to the presidential election.

"I didn’t know that she was nasty," Trump said of Meghan.

He later tweeted out: "I never called Meghan Markle 'nasty.' Made up by the Fake News Media, and they got caught cold! Will @CNN, @nytimes and others apologize? Doubt it!"

An aide later told HuffPost that Trump had been referring to Meghan’s comments, not Meghan herself.

Sunday night, Trump told reporters, "I made no bad comment."


After attending a private lunch with the Queen, Harry reportedly joined the Trumps, his daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner to view an exhibit in the Picture Gallery.

After entering, Harry made a beeline for Earl Peel, the Lord Chamberlain, People reports.

He and Meghan reportedly opted out of the state dinner with Trump Monday evening.

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Will viewers want to Keep Up with the Kardashians if Kourtney leaves? We may find out.

For months now, tension between Kourtney and her sisters have been rising. Last summer, on Keeping Up, viewers saw Kim and Kourtney reach an almost-breaking point over their differing priorities in terms of family and work, and in a recent interview with Paper, Kourtney confessed that she’d love to leave the show in the dust.

She said: "I always say I want to move away someday and just be away from it all. Sail away. No one will ever see me again. I keep throwing up different places, but then I'll go there to visit and I'll be like, 'Nope, this isn't it, but glad I came.' We've just been to Finland. And I was like, 'Check, it's great for me to visit, but I'm not going to move there.' Maybe Norway. Switzerland? I've got a lot of ideas."

On Sunday, KUWTK producer Ryan Seacrest was put on the spot by an ET reporter who brought up the subject. Seacrest seemed taken aback, but then said: "Well, if the cameras go away, as long as they can come back, Kourtney. You know, they can go away for a little bit, but bring 'em back so we can do another season or two. Honestly, I don't know how they do it."

He continued: "I could not do it, no matter what they were paying them. I could not do it, so I give them a lot of credit for having those cameras in their lives all the time. And I love you Kourtney. Love her."

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RUSSO BROTHERS & NETFLIX PARTNER ON MAGIC: Trading card game Magic: The Gathering is getting the Hollywood treatment, courtesy of Netflix and superhero maestros Joe & Anthony Russo (Avengers: Endgame). The animated original will be produced in partnership with toymaker Hasbro and game maker Wizards of the Coast. Henry Gilroy (Star Wars Rebels) and Jose Molina (The Tick) will write and serve as showrunners. "We have been huge fans and players of Magic: The Gathering for as long as it has been around, so being able to help bring these stories to life through animation is a true passion project for us," the Russos said in a joint statement. The game reportedly has an estimated 38 million fans who play the game in 11 languages across 70 countries.

DAVID COPPERFIELD WILL MAGICALLY PUT COUNTRY BACK TOGETHER: The legendary magician David Copperfield is teaming up with the Smithsonian and a project that will reunite the long-lost 15th star with the Star-Spangled Banner on Flag Day. The flag was raised by soldiers on September 14, 1814 to celebrate victory over the British in the War of 1812; it inspired Francis Scott Key’s ode to its "broad stripes and bright stars," which eventually became the national anthem. It hangs in Smithsonian's National Museum of American History in Washington D.C. On June 14, the museum and Copperfield will reunite the missing 15thstar, which was snipped off years ago and given as a gift. "It’s about things that are undeniable," he says. "Freedom is undeniable. The sum of all of our parts, of who we are, what America is made of, is undeniable. The talents, the ideas, the perspectives of people from all over the world, make our nation a more hopeful nation. Hopefully people on both sides are OK with that idea." The illusion will take place in front of 15 new American citizens; camera crews will not be present… but … video will be distributed to media an hour after the star reappers.

IN THE DAYS OF RAIN BEING ADAPTED FOR TV: Rebecca Stott’s cult novel In The Days of Rain is being brought to TV by The White Princess’ producer Company Pictures. The book follows the true story of the author’s experience being raised in a separatist Christian cult in England. Exclusive Brethren believes the world is ruled by Satan; many books are banned, and women are subservient to men.

DISCOVERY TO LAUNCH VIDEO GAME STUDIO: Discovery Inc., which runs Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, is launching Discovery Game Studios, a video game studio that will create and distribute video games for PC, console and mobile platforms. Titles will be inspired by hit shows on Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, ID, HGTV and TLC. "We are always working to find new and exciting ways to interact with our fans and give them more content from their favorite shows," Matt Bonaccorso, director, marketing and digital products at Discovery, Inc., says. "Whether it’s exploring the world’s harshest environments or most stunning animal life, or investigating true crimes or perfect dress options, Discovery Game Studios is focused on creating innovative and interactive experiences that not only build upon the success of our series, but also surprise and delight our fans."

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NICOLAS CAGE AND ERIKA KOIKE DIVORCE APPROVED: Three months after Nicolas Cage and Erika Koike got hitched in a quickie Las Vegas wedding, a judge in Clark County, NV, granted them a divorce. Cage filed for an annulment four days after the wedding (his fourth), claiming it was based on fraud because Koike did not disclose her criminal and romantic history. TMZ reports that the annulment didn’t happen, and it is unclear if Koike will receive the spousal support she requested.

THE LION KING TEASER DROPS: Disney has released a preview of the much-anticipated Lion King, a CGI and live-action remake of the classic film. In it, we hear Beyonce as Nala telling Simba (Donald Glover) that he must take his place as king. "We need you. Come home," she says. The Lion King hits theaters on July 19.

LILI REINHART WARNS OF RIDESHARING SERVICES: Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart is letting fans know that blindly trusting ridesharing services like Uber can have a downside."PSA: I was just ushered to a car by someone posing to be an airport cab/Uber driver," the 22-year-old actress tweeted. "I got to his car and there were absolutely no signs that he was a professional service driver. So I did NOT get into the car. Please pay attention and make smart decisions out there."

JEOPARDY SPOILER LEAKS: A spoiler for the Jeopardy! episode set to air Monday night leaked online Sunday. Professional sports gambler James Holzhauer lost after winning 32 consecutive games, falling just short of the all time prize-money record. He won an amazing $2,462,216. In a tweet, Holzhauer trolled Drake, joking: "Knew I shouldn't have invited @Drake," a reference to the alleged Drake Curse, in which sports teams he shows up to root for lose.

DEAN MCDERMOTT CLAPS BACK AT 90210 TROLLS: Tori Spelling’s husband Dean McDermott is clapping back at critics of a recent snap that featured Jennie Garth, Gabrielle Carteris and herself in bathing suits. When a hater said they were trying "too hard" to stay "relevant," he opined: "I love how you haters have private accts!! Let’s see what you trolls look like ya cowards!!!"

JESSICA ALBA IS IN THERAPY WITH DAUGHTER: Actress Jessica Alba is trying to improve her parenting. During Her Campus Media’s annual Her Conference over the weekend, she reportedly said that she and her daughter Honor, 10, go to therapy so they can "communicate better." Alba noted, "I didn't grow up in an environment where you talked about this stuff, and it was just like shut it down and keep it moving...So I find a lot of inspiration just in talking to my kids." Alba shares three children with her husband Cash Warren.

ROSE LESLIE ALL SMILES: As her husband Kit Harington gets therapy at a posh wellness center in Connecticut, Rose Leslie hit the All Points East music festival in London over the weekend. Photos show The Good Fight star hanging with pals, including Carey Mulligan, as she takes in the show. "Rose is very supportive and proud of him for recognizing that he needed to take care of himself," a source recently shared with E! News. "It's hard to ask for help. She was very encouraging. Seeing Kit struggle was stressful for her, as well. She absolutely agreed that he needed to get some help so that he could feel better."

ELLEN PAGE AND EMMA PORTNER CELEBRATE PRIDE: The 32-year-old Juno star Ellen Page shared a black and white topless photo of herself and her wife Emma Portner, 25, embracing and kissing. She captioned the pic, "HAPPY PRIDE!!! Sending love." June is celebrated as gay pride month on honor of the Stonewall Riots, which occurred on June 28th, 1969 in Greenwich Village, and kicked off the LGBT liberation movement.

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Kylie Jenner’s Daughter Stormi “100% Okay” After Being Hospitalized With Allergic Reaction

Kylie Jenner’s Daughter Stormi “100% Okay” After Being Hospitalized With Allergic Reaction Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s daughter Stormi is doing fine after she was hospitalized over the weekend with an allergic reaction. “Spent the day in the hospital with my baby. She had an allergic reaction, but is 100% …

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Demi Lovato Supports Christina Aguilera at Las Vegas Residency Opening Show

Demi Lovato Supports Christina Aguilera at Las Vegas Residency Opening Show Demi Lovato showed support for her “Fall in Line” collaborator Christina Aguilera by attending the first of her Xperience resdiency shows in Las Vegas on Friday. “The f**king queen herself,” Lovato captioned a series of photos taken with Aguilera …

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Taylor Swift Writes to Senator about LGBT Rights, Celebrates Pride at Wango Tango

Taylor Swift Writes to Senator about LGBT Rights, Celebrates Pride at Wango Tango Taylor Swift got political over the weekend by writing an open letter about LGBTQ rights and celebrating Pride Month at Wango Tango in Los Angeles. <i>Variety</i> reports that Swift posted a letter to Tennessee Republican senator Lamar …

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Blue Ivy Lip-Syncs “Circle of Life” From Mom Beyoncé’s Movie “The Lion King”

Blue Ivy Lip-Syncs “Circle of Life” From Mom Beyoncé’s Movie “The Lion King” Blue Ivy Carter celebrated mom Beyoncé’s upcoming role in<i> The Lion King </i>this weekend<i> </i>by lip-syncing “The Circle of Life.” In a video posted on Queen Bey’s Instagram over the weekend, 7-year-old Blue is seen mouthing the classic …

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AMBER HEARD HITS BACK AT JOHNNY DEPP IN LAWSUIT: Amber Heard is responding to Johnny Depp in their million-dollar defamation suit, The Blast reports. In new court docs, Heard claims he is lying when he accuses her of lying about physical abuse. Depp’s attorney, Adam Waldman, tells The Blast, "Ms. Heard says she ‘will not be silenced,’ and then remains silent for months as her hoax is buried by the avalanche of evidence." He adds, "As for her hoax-assisting friends, willing to perjure themselves for her 3 years ago ― where are they now?"

TRUMP DENIES CALLING MARKLE 'NASTY,' WHITE HOUSE SAYS HE WAS REFERRING TO HER COMMENTS: President Trump took to Twitter Sunday to deny calling Meghan Markle "nasty" in an interview with Britain's The Sun. ​Trump tweeted: "I never called Meghan Markle 'nasty.' Made up by the Fake News Media, and they got caught cold! Will @CNN, @nytimes and others apologize? Doubt it!" When asked during the interview if he'd known that Markle, now Prince Harry's wife and mother to their newborn son, had said critical things about him during the 2016 election, Trump responded, "No, I didn't know that she was nasty." In an effort to explain Trump's "fake news" accusation, an unnamed White House official told HuffPost that Trump's "nasty" remark had been referring to Markle's past comments about him, not Markle herself. The official said, "He wasn’t saying she was nasty. He was responding to the reporter reading things she had said about him in the past and he was saying he didn’t realize she had said nasty things towards him."

AMY SCHUMER CELEBRATES FIRST BIRTHDAY AS MOM: Amy Schumer is celebrating her birthday by spending her birthday hanging with her newborn Gene Attell. Schumer turned 38 on Saturday and celebrated by cuddling with Gene, whom she welcomed on May 5th with husband Chris Fischer. Miley Cyrus and Julianne Moore were among those to voice their enthusiastic approval.

JENNY MOLLEN CELEBRATES 40TH BIRTHDAY WITH BAT MITZVAH: Jenny Mollen toasted her 40th birthday by becoming a woman in Israel. Her husband, Jason Biggs, 41, and her sister Samantha Mollen, and Samantha’s husband, all attended her Bat Mitzvah celebration in Israel. Generally, the ceremony is a coming-of-age ritual that Jewish girls participate in when they’re around 13.

TAMRA JUDGE REUNITES WITH EX-HUSBAND SIMON AT DAUGHTER’S DANCE: Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge reunited with her ex-husband Simon Barney to send their daughter Sophia off to her eighth-grade dance Friday. "8th grade dance…," she captioned the post, which also included a shot of her, Barney and Sophia posing together. "We are so proud of you Sophia," Judge added in an Instagram Story, alongside a red heart emoji. "Mom & Dad."

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Tiffany Haddish had a unique way of finding out what people really thought about her auditions. The 39-year-old tells The Hollywood Reporter: "You know what I would do? I would put my phone on voice memo, put it in my bag, do my audition, walk out the room, leave my bag, come back and be like, ‘Oh I forgot my purse,’ get my purse, get in the car and listen."

"They’d be like, ‘She’s not as urban as I thought she’d be,’ " Haddish continued, quoting the things she would hear.

Haddish continued: "Or they’d be like, ‘She’s so ghetto, I just can’t. Her boobs aren’t big enough. I really think we should just go with a white girl. This role should be changed to white.’ "

Maya Rudolph, Jane Fonda, Regina Hall, Phoebe Waller Bridge, Natasha Lyonne and Alex Borstein also participated in the comedy roundtable.

"Wait, how many rooms did you leave it in?" Rudolph asked in surprise.

"A lot. A lot. It was like my M.O.," Haddish said, later adding. "I wanna hear so that I can grow. Also so I can write jokes about it, I can use it to my advantage…It helped me in the long run. I mean, sometimes it hurt my feelings. Sometimes, I was like, ‘Damn, what a b***h, I’m never going back in there again.'"


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